Best Tools for Hairdressers: A 2021 guide

Best Tools for Hairdressers: A 2021 guide

After all, we have been through; the last two years have taught us many important things. But probably the most important one is how technology and advancement in our everyday life tools can play an essential role in what we do or what we experience under certain harsh conditions.

But everything is finally going back to normal. And that's why it's time to get back in the business, guys. Especially the hairstyling industry, which is enjoying a healthy boost in business these days. But how can you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity without the right set of tools?

According to verified surveys, most hairdressers in the UK alone are still using the old-school scissors and hairdressing techniques that aren't proving to be much effective with the recent hairdressing community bloom. It's finally time to upgrade!

And that's why we have picked the top 3 tools that are a must to have in your hairdressing kit to give your hairdressing career the boost it was looking for.

Ergonomic Scissors

Having a remarkable team of hairdressing experts and accessories designers, we understand exactly why the use of ergonomic hairdressing scissors is getting more and more increasing with every single passing day.

At one point or another, you may have felt some sudden and swift pain across your arm region, including the wrist. This is because of the excessive stress you have been mounting up because of the long work hours and the traditional flat handles. That's why, to cope with this common problem faced by hairdressers across the UK & US, we have launched our master-designed ergonomic handle scissors which are an absolute rockstar when it comes to reducing all of this accumulated stress for a smooth and energetic hairdressing experience. 

Spot on Texturizers

What exactly are texturizers? Well, texturizers are specially designed scissors having a toothed blade on one side and a regular blade on the other. This allows to reduce the bulkiness of hairs and also gives them a more refined and polished look.

The majority of people have thick and frizzy hair. Due to this, regular scissors aren't that effective for the hairdressing and styling of such customers. Mainly because traditional normal Scissors aren't designed to work with hair that is this bulky. But don't worry, we have got texturizers for your rescue! Here at Ninja Scissors, the texturizers we got are excellent in performance and durability. You can check out our amazing deals here!

Rockstar Thinners

Here's the important part, yes thinners and texturizers are different in terms of function, but still, most hairdressers consider them the same. They are not at fault at all, as both texturizers and thinners have a lot of ordinary stuff.

So, thinners are not like texturizing scissors, and here's why. Texturizers mostly cut and trim the hair ends that are mostly damaged or bulky instead of doing any actual cutting. On the other hand, we got thinners that cut hair but not like traditional hairdressing shears. Instead, thinners cut or separate bulks of hairs, reducing the overall bulkiness and frenzies of the hair.

That's why using thinners to reduce the hair content of clients with thick hair is a great idea, especially during the hot summer days.

What are Ninja Scissors going to suggest?

Being one of the oldest and most credible online hairdressing scissors manufacturers, we believe in the alliance of modern technology and traditional skills. This is the very same principle that has laid down the foundation of this very company.

Now, we often hear from our customers, primarily hairdressers, that they never expected that using these scissors, thinners, and texturizers will have such a huge positive impact on their hairdressing experience. And believe us, they are not in this regard.

Think about this; there was a time when ships used to sail around the Earth, and we're the only and significant mode of transportation if someone wants to move across the vast seas. But in the 20th century, people saw two brothers flying in the sky and looked at where we are today. The same thing is happening with the hairdressing equipment we all are using, and now is the time to embrace the change.

We hope that now you have got the bigger picture because using the best and latest hairdressing scissors and tools, especially in 2021, is getting so crucial. But still, if you have any questions, we are happy to help. Just drop us a message here, and we will get back to you asap!

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