Five techniques for Cutting Men's Hair 

Five techniques for Cutting Men's Hair 

Styling hair in different manners has been a sense of personal statement for many centuries. Particular hairstyles tell many stories, varying from culture to culture, and are essential in historical studies. 

Hence, the importance of styling and cutting men's hair cannot be overruled! Women have been notorious for changing their hairstyles by giving themselves a cut using different techniques. Still, there is a misconception regarding the male gender that men do not style theirs as much as women do. 

Statistically speaking, it is entirely wrong since men have to cut their hair within weeks rather than months, unlike women. 

But giving a haircut is not simply the matter of using a pair of scissors and starting to trim men's hair. It requires particular expertise and techniques. It does not matter if a man is walking into a barbershop or women's salon; if the methods are applied rightly, anyone can master the art of haircutting. 

Follow these steps for nice styling.

Choosing the right tools: 

The sharpness of your tool will define the finishing look as more clean. It is better to choose the right tool for a respective haircut.

Washing and Wetness: 

Men's hair should be wet while having a haircut. This will give a good look at where to cut hair from and how much you should cut it. 

Use two mirrors to see the progress as well. This way, you have more control over how you want your hair to look. 

Go for a Simple tidy-up look: 

If someone comes and asks for the tidy-up look, it simply means that they want to get rid of unwanted sprouting at the end of their hair and the weight of their hair. 

It requires the usage of scissors’ tips and following the path around the ears. Keeping your scissors parallel to hair growth will help you find the direction and where the trimming is needed chiefly. 

Keep cutting until the client is satisfied with the hair length and the look. It is better to cut smaller portions at a time to get more grip on the haircut. 

The short-back-and-sides: 

This haircut is usually known as a military haircut. It has a heavyweight of hair on the top of the head, and the sides are of lighter weight. To give this haircut, it is best to use a razor instead of scissors

Instead of going parallel, this haircut requires the direction of your razor upwards. Use the clippers to tie up the hair and create a hairline around your head not to cut the top crown part of the hair. 

As you go upwards, slowly lift your hand, as you do not want to give harsh endings and no blending to the sides and crown of the head. It will not look appealing at all! Once done with the sides and the back, wet the top of hair again, take small portions, and comb them upwards while keeping your comb horizontal and use the tip of your scissors to cut an inch or two. It is better to comb the fringes backward towards the back of the head. 

Bald look:

Bald look requires the usage of razors instead of scissors, and it is one of the easiest haircuts to give. You have to make sure of one thing: do not rub the razors into the skin harshly, as it might cause injury. 

Otherwise, there is no unique technique to adopt while giving this specific haircut. 


It is better to leave the back of the head untouched except for some trimming to give it a more refined look. Mullets require fringy looks, and it is better to use thinning scissors as we want the edges to look slimmer and light-weighted. 

Ask the clients they want their bangs to look, and it requires the same technique as trimming, but you thin the sprouting hair instead of cutting them short. 

These techniques will ensure you have complete control over the final look while giving a haircut, and it is not so different from simply running a pair of scissors on a gift wrap! 



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