How To Clean Hair Scissors The Right Way

How To Clean Hair Scissors The Right Way

Cleaning using Ninja chamois cloth, with your scissor and shear blades after every cut, or at least once a day. By cleaning you will reduce the build-up of hairs and chemicals, which may drastically affect the performance of your Ninjas during your workday. At the end of the day make sure that your Ninjas blades are dry and clean between the blades. 

Before oiling makes sure your scissors & shears are clean and dry. Use one or two drops of oil in the scissor joint, make sure scissors and shears are opened to a 90-degree angle. Oiling is part of the daily maintenance routine that helps cleaning out dirt and hairs that can remain under pivot. Oiling should be done once a day, your scissors & shears will become long-lasting because you look after them.

Daily maintenance will extend the cutting life and performance of your Ninja Scissors & Shears. Daily oiling and cleaning will defend against rust and erosion that can be caused by chemical and moisture, decrease friction during blade movement, extend the sharpness of your Ninjas and helping you work more efficiently. 

Adjusting the tension is a very important part of getting great results from your scissors & shears. If your s scissors or shears have a thumb adjusting screw make sure you do not apply too much pressure on it as it can damage it. 

Too loos tension can be why your scissors and shears will fold hairs while cutting, but if tension is too tight, it damages blades and leaves marks on them.

To test your scissor and shears tensions hold the shears with the tip pointed upwards lift one handle up so the blade is at a ninety-degree angle and let the blade fall close. If the blade falls fully closed the tension is too loose preferably it should close about two-thirds of the way. When your scissors and shears not in use, make sure that blades are closed, this will decrease the chances of blade damage.

We strongly suggest not to use any magnetic holders for your scissors and shears due to blade magnetism.

Hairstylists are frequent travellers so, we recommend keeping your shears and scissors in the case or leather sheath that was provided with your purchase, we recommend keeping your scissors and shears secured in one position for secure transferring

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