How, When & Why To Use A Blending Shear When Texturize Hair

How, When & Why To Use A Blending Shear When Texturize Hair


Blending shears, also known as texturizing shears or thinning shears, are hairstyling tools with teeth-like notches on one or both blades. They are used to remove bulk, add texture, and create seamless blending in the hair. Here's a guide on how, when, and why to use blending shears for hair texturization:

How to Use Blending Shears:

  1. Identify the section: Select the section of hair you want to texturize. It can be a thick section, a bulky area, or any part where you want to create texture and remove weight.
  2. Hold the blending shears correctly: Hold the blending shears with your dominant hand and hold the section of hair between your fingers. Position the blending shears vertically, with the teeth of the blending shear facing towards the ends of the hair.
  3. Use a feathering motion: Starting from the mid-lengths or ends of the hair, make small, quick cuts with the blending shears using a feathering motion. This motion creates soft, textured layers by removing some hair strands while leaving others untouched.
  4. Work through the section: Gradually work your way through the section, making light and precise cuts with the blending shears. Avoid cutting too close to the roots to maintain the desired weight and structure.
  5. Blend as needed: If you want a more blended and seamless look, use the blending shears to lightly blend the ends of the textured section with the surrounding hair. This helps create a natural transition without obvious lines or steps.

When to Use Blending Shears:

  1. Reducing bulk: Blending shears are excellent for removing excess bulk from thick or heavy hair. They can thin out the hair and create a lighter, more manageable result.
  2. Adding texture: Blending shears are ideal for adding texture to the hair. They create soft, textured layers that add movement and dimension, especially in hairstyles like layered cuts or shaggy styles.
  3. Blending transitions: Blending shears can be used to create seamless transitions between different lengths or layers in the hair. They help soften the lines and create a more blended and natural appearance.

Why Use Blending Shears:

  1. Weight removal: Blending shears are effective in removing weight from the hair, making it lighter and more voluminous. This is especially useful for people with thick or dense hair.
  2. Softening the look: Blending shears create a softer, more textured look by removing some hair strands while leaving others untouched. This adds movement and prevents a harsh, blunt appearance.
  3. Enhancing hairstyles: Blending shears can enhance various hairstyles, from short crops to long layers. They add texture and depth, allowing for versatile styling options.

It's important to note that using blending shears requires practice and skill to achieve the desired results. If you're uncertain or inexperienced, it's best to seek the assistance of a professional hairstylist who can use blending shears effectively and tailor the technique to your hair type and desired style.

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