Left-Handed Japanese Hair Scissors (Lefty scissors)

Left-Handed Japanese Hair Scissors (Lefty scissors)

With the impacts of the pandemic finally wearing off gradually, there’s a whole new level of load professionals like hairdressers and barbers are facing.

For instance, reports have shown that the number of people switching to careers like hairdressers, etc., is increasing rapidly. Keeping all of this in mind, Ninja Scissors manufactures a complete series of exceptional hairdressing shears specific for left-hand users.

Some of the most prominent Left-Handed Japanese Hair Scissors of this series are as follows,


Ninja Scissors understood that transforming an eye-catching and effective shear like the GEISHA will be an excellent idea for facilitating the left-hand users. The mere design and the color scheme of the shear are alone enough to grab the attention of anyone around.

DRAGON lefty

Yes, the scissor that's considered the signature shear for the whole Ninja Scissors operations is also available for the left-hand users. Yes, we are talking about the DRAGON lefty. The hand-etched design over the ergonomic handle of the shear is alone to make it super popular among the hairdressing community. Plus, the steel used to manufacture the blade is forged 440C Japanese stainless steel, a pure class on its own.


There is no other handcrafted shear in this list except the DIAMOND lefty. Ninja Scissors is also super proud of this particular shear. Made from VG10 Japanese Cobalt Steel shaping, a Hamaguri Convex razor edge is thoroughly handed polished and crafted by the highest level of experts themselves. The diamond-themed handle is also an excellent addition.

CROCODILE Lefty Texturizer

You might be surprised, but the CROCODILE lefty T7 texturizer is only available for left-hand users. This makes this texturizer more special. The T7 generates a 30-40% cut ratio with a 7-tooth orientation for someone who prefers to get the maximum cut ratio with each strike.


The hairdressing scissor has an appearance of their own. The shear blade length of the BARBER KING is enough to speak on its behalf. A Hamaguri convex razor edge blade manufactured with the Japanese Hitachi ATS314 cobalt steel. This gives a nice old-school barber scissor touch to the scissor. The finger rest is also permanent for constantly relieving the pressure of fingers.


As the name indicates, the SWORD lefty scissor was manufactured with a pretty oriented theme and purpose. The shear comes with a sword-like structure and build. Made from the premium quality Japanese VG10 Cobalt steel, the Hamaguri convex razor edge of the blade is more than enough to perform exceptionally well for all sorts of hair types.

CROCODILE T14 Lefty Texturizer

Last but not least, the globally popular CROCODILE texturizer T14 is now also available for left-hand users specifically. With a 14-tooth blade orientation, the T14 can generate a cut ratio of 35-40%. That's way higher than some of the all-time popular texturizers and shears available in the market today. The T14 has also secured separation among the legendary texturizers ever to exist.

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