The Best Collection of The Best Hairdressing Scissors & Shears by Ninja Scissors

The Best Collection of The Best Hairdressing Scissors & Shears by Ninja Scissors

Amazingly, hairdressers in the UK compete oddly as the professionals with the same skillset earn way more than their counterparts. The magic lies in the toolkit. Essentially, these are the toolkit items, especially scissors and shears, that give the comparative edge to a hairdresser to work on her way. According to the report released by DigiBites, "scissors affect the 70% purpose of hairstyling".

It's an established truth that the proper selection of scissors is a prerequisite for top-notch hairdressing. Having said that, finding the right scissors is as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack. 

We are going to facilitate the esteemed potential buyers in the selection of the right scissors and shears. The scissors and shears are selected from a basket of creme de la creme portal named "Ninja scissors."

Ninja Scissors is the leading scissors and shears company in the UK, known all over the globe. The brand is a household and trustworthy name, and the hairdressers blindly trust the Ninja Scissors.

To give the hairdressers a clear idea, we have cherry-picked some of the high-end scissors-cum-shears from the "Ninja Scissors" portal. Fortunately, all the selected ones are up for sale. 

Leading Scissors and Shears


The Japanese sword assemblers inspire this scissor; this directly means that there is no need to corroborate its swiftness. Moreover, the swiftness of Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel is beatified by the revolutionary design of Hamaguri 3D convex edges. This eye-catching scissor has an offset handle design that allows permanent finger rest. At the same time, the gym crystal set would adorn the decor of the salon besides serving the very purpose of stylish and swift cutting. Geisha is recommended for the time savers.


Certain hairstyles require the thinnest blades to entertain the feeble or sensitive hair types. Slim is designed to cater to the needs of such a particular category. The Slim scissors are morphed from the premium 440C Japanese stainless steel with extra thin blades and narrow tips. Slim is highly recommended for point cutting and is the lightest scissor crafted after the long due demands of hairdressers. The workload of the salons is offset by the removable finger rest, providing extreme relief to the hairdressers. Slim is the other name of convenience. 


If the ultimate goal is effortlessly trimming dry or wet hair, then Hakushi is the best option. It is made up of Hitachi VG10 Cobalt Steel with curved edges. Ergonomics are high, and the design explicitly allows the hairdressers to maintain the cosy elbow rest position. Overall, Hakushi is a prized scissor for comfort lovers or hairdressers having an immense workload. This unique scissor comes up with a lifetime warranty.


This scissor is designed for hairdressers in need of comfort. Venom is designed on accurate, ergonomic patterns. Moreover, the high usability does not compromise an iota on the performance and looks. The combination of Hamaguri Convex Razor and 440C stainless steel balances the efficiency and aesthetics. Venom by Ninja is recommended for point cutting, side cutting, and texturing. The icing on the cake is the black exterior coated with the finest aluminium. Eventually, the ball bearing adjustable screw provides the reliability and durability of the core. Overall, Venom is an excellent and balanced choice for professional hairdressers. 


If you want to add a plethora of glamour into your salon, nothing could beat Diamond Scissor's aesthetics by Ninja. Amazingly, the handles are studded with glimmering faux diamonds. This design provides an elite look to the salon. Diamond is a recommended scissor for high-end salons that want to maintain royal pomp. Moreover, the primary function of haircutting is at par with any professional scissor, thanks to VG10 Japanese Super Cobalt Steel and curved edges. The blades are triple honed and polished for optimal soft cutting. This luxurious scissor is available in an affordable price bracket at the Ninja Scissors online portal.

Before wrapping up the blog, we would like to tell you some of the exclusive traits that make Ninja Scissors the best-case option in the genre of scissors.

What makes Ninja stand out!

Reputable name

Ninja has been rolling out the over-the-top scissors since 1999. The brand is famous for incorporating Japanese craftsmanship on modern western lines. Ninja considers the personality, taste, and persona of hairdressers. This is why it has beaten the rivals by an extensive margin. The market share is continuously extending.

Mad perfectionist

Ninja is the other name of perfection; it has picked up the high-class Japanese cobalt and steel material for manufacturing. Each pair of scissors goes through many strict production methods. The flaw is virtually non-existent.

High aesthetics and usability

Another trademark feature of Ninja is the earning of high grades of usability and aesthetics. This is why the Ninja scissors have managed their place in hair salons and barbershops around the world. Moreover, Ninja also understands the strains of professional hairdressing and assembles the scissors on modern patterns with a relaxable place for finger rest. The constant cutting does not make the hairdresser exhausted.

Concluding note

The ancient samurais won the battlefields through the apt handling of their swords. The identical swords' replica is being gifted to you by Ninja in the shape of scissors and shears. Explore these handcrafted miracles. Believe us; you will never throw the gauntlet cowardly. The Ninja scissors will add an exceptional and unparalleled flavour to your hairdressing career. Opt-in and elevate your career to the next level.

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