The Best Hairdressing Scissors Books

The Best Hairdressing Scissors Books


There are several excellent books available that cover various aspects of hairdressing scissors, including their selection, maintenance, and proper usage. Here are some of the best hairdressing scissors books that can help you gain a deeper understanding of this essential tool in the hairstyling profession:

  1. "Scissor Skills Haircutting for Men, Women, and Children" by Bob Ohnstad
    • This comprehensive guide covers essential scissor cutting techniques for various types of haircuts. It includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced hairstylists.
  2. "The Complete Guide to Haircutting at Home for Beginners" by David Masters
    • While not focused solely on scissors, this book provides valuable insights into haircutting techniques, tools, and maintenance, including sections on using scissors effectively.
  3. "Haircutting for Dummies" by J. Elaine Spear
    • Part of the popular "For Dummies" series, this book covers haircutting fundamentals, including the use of scissors. It provides practical advice and tips for achieving professional-looking haircuts.
  4. "The Hair Stylist Handbook: Techniques for Film and Television" by Gretchen Davis and Yvette Rivas
    • This book is geared toward hairstylists working in film and television but contains valuable information about using scissors in various creative and practical ways.
  5. "The Cutting Edge: How Celebrity Is Redefining Beauty" by Stacia Friedman
    • While not a technical guide, this book explores the importance of hairdressing tools, including scissors, in the world of celebrity hairstyling. It offers insights into the creative aspects of hairstyling.
  6. "Haircutting for Everyone" by Marco Giummarra
    • This book covers the principles of haircutting and includes sections on scissor selection and maintenance. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced hairstylists.
  7. "The Hair Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Hair Forever" by Susan Craig Scott
    • While primarily focused on hair care, this comprehensive guide discusses the role of scissors in maintaining and styling healthy hair.
  8. "The Art of Haircutting: A Hairdresser's History of Cutting Hair" by Todd Bradshaw
    • This book delves into the history and evolution of haircutting techniques and tools, including the use of scissors. It provides valuable insights for those interested in the artistry of hairstyling.

When choosing a book, consider your specific needs and level of expertise. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced stylist seeking to refine your skills, there's likely a book that suits your requirements. Additionally, many hairstyling schools and training programs may have their own recommended textbooks and resources that cover scissors and haircutting techniques.

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