The Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Scissors and Professional Shears

The Top 10 Best Hair Cutting Scissors and Professional Shears

Nobody can beat the class and grace of the ancient Japanese Ninja hairdressing Scissors when it comes to manufacturing blades. This was the main reason why Ninja Scissors was inspired so much by this clan.

Now, to help you choose better from the fantastic range of Ninja Scissors hairdressing scissors, texturizers, and thinners, we have decided to sort out the ten all-time best options for you!

Dragon Scissor

Just like its name, the Dragon scissor is a fierce piece of art packed with the power of a 440C forged Japanese stainless-steel blade. The Dragon scissor contains delicate engraving patterns over the ergonomic offset handle, giving your hairdressing techniques a signature look. The screw system is the same ball-bearing adjustable screw system standard in most of the Ninja Scissors.

KATANA Thinner

Even if you are not that much of the Ninja Clan traditions, you know what a KATANA is. The name of this sword was enough to ensure the quality of the blade. This is the same reason why the 30 teeth KATANA thinner became a global sensation among hairdressers.

Diamond Thinner

A thinner is made strictly for individuals who like to add some bedazzlement to their hairdressing tools. The diamond thinner comes with a 40-tooth blade offering a cut ratio of around 25-30%. Plus, we get a permanent finger rest and a diamond-decorated ergonomic straight handle.

Slim Scissor

Another masterpiece of the Ninja Scissor hairdressing scissors suite. Do you know what the most eye-catching thing about the Slim scissors is? It's simplistic yet super intelligently designed working dynamics. The scissor comes with a Hamaguri convex razor edge blade. The scarcity of this blade is enough to show why this scissor is so exceptional in its reputation and why every other hairdresser loves it!

Diamond Scissor

Do you know what the best thing about Ninja Scissors is? These guys know exactly what they are doing. So, whenever we think that Ninja Scissors only offers a particular thinner or scissor, Ninja Scissors surprises us with the same pair in specific categories of shears and thinners. A prominent example of this trend is the Diamond scissor and the Diamond thinner.

TACHI Thinner

According to Ninja Scissors itself, these thinners are by far the most widely sold and distributed types of thinners ever manufactured by Ninja Scissors. Considering the simplistic design approach yet super effective working dynamics, these thinners are indeed something special. The thinner contains a 440C forged Japanese Stainless-Steel blade with an ergonomic offset handle for smooth usage.

Crocodile Texturizer

Crocodile texturizers are undoubtedly one of the most significant types of texturizers ever manufactured by Ninja Scissors. These texturizers are the ones that took Ninja Scissors' texturizers manufacturing game to the very next level in terms of popularity. The widely spaced 14 tooth cutting blade allows the user to get a solid 35-40% cutting ratio per swing.

KABUKI Thinner

Now we are finally talking about thinners that are inspired by ancient Ninja Clan myths and legends. One of such thinners is the KABUKI thinner, known for its elongated and straight blade dynamics. The thinner offers a solid 20-25% cut ratio that is more than enough for a VG10 super cobalt Japanese steel blade. An ergonomic offset handle further supports the edge.

KATANA Scissor

Considering the popularity KATANA thinner was able to bag in a brief period, Ninja Scissors decided that it was finally time to launch the KATANA scissor. You can't imagine the amount of awe and grace this single hairdressing scissor contains within itself. All of the credit of such a fantastic reputation goes to the Hitachi ATS314 Japanese Cobalt Steel blade.

VENOM Scissor

Being inspired by the ancient Japanese clan doesn't mean Ninja Scissors is restricted to antique blade designs alone. The Hamaguri blade-edged VENOM thinner is inspired by the popular Marvel movie character VENOM.

VENOM is undoubtedly an excellent modern addition to the Ninja Scissors hairdressing scissors suite with a permanent finger rest and a bold color scheme. Plus, if you are a MARVEL fan, this scissor will be a fabulous addition to your work kit.

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