What's New In Women's Summer Hairstyles?

What's New In Women's Summer Hairstyles?

The year 2022 is everything but nothing lesser than exciting. More avenues are opening and allowing people to have a fresh start. You can buy new prints, travel around, focus on work or get a new haircut. By far, ditching your old hairstyle is the most effortless update to your look. But, hairstyle is so much more than cutting your hair with Japanese hair scissors. So, what type of hair update you want can put you in a dilemma sometimes. Choosing between hair color or cut is indeed a perplexing question. You may even skip trying a new hairstyle as it doesn't make any difference. Is that the case? 

Yeah, your hairstyle will not change you; it can still add new energy to your personality. Everyone has become comfortable living in cozy spaces and carrying out 'no effort looks.' Whether color or cut, a new hairstyle is a much-needed vibe turnover for you. Read on!

Hairstyle Predictions About 2022

When a season changes, it's human instinct to seek a difference in their appearance. People try new styles in makeup, footwear, outfits, and hairstyles. It's like a whole new turnover from old ways. Anyone looking for a hairdo must know it's the peak time to let the summer season guide you into a unique and daring updo. Local experts predict a colorful and layered start for hair trends this year, with braided styling leading the charts in the end.


Dyeing your hair in vivid and primary solid colors like neon orange, olive, and aurora red is the easiest option to have a stark change in the hairstyles of both men and women.


The vivid colored outfits from the late 1990s and mid-2000s will direct this summer's hairstyle trends. Because color uniformity is all in. You can also dye hair in cool colors to naturally highlight your facial features. That's about color. Let's see which haircuts are up to make our heads turn.


Imagine dressing up in your room on a fabulous summer day, and your hair looks exactly like Bella's. Did you get any chills? This summer is going to be trendy with layered haircuts. The hairstyle forecast supports cuts like a hush cut for women and a slicked-back undercut for men. While retro style moves back to the top of trend charts, women can say hello to bob-cuts. 

Now, it's the perfect time to dive more into the latest hairstyle trends, especially for our lovely women!

Latest Hairstyle Trends For Women

The '90s All In

The 90s is the golden era for almost every new and old change we see today. It's no surprise that people are still attracted to the 90s vibe. The nostalgic emotions bring back the highlights of 90s-inspired voluminous blowouts. So get your hot rollers and round brushes ready with a pair of crop tops and high-waisted jeans because this style is for you.

Braids, Braids, And Braids

Short hair or long hair, braids suit every hair length. Braids are easy to carry and low maintenance. Just twist and braid until you get that no-stress carefree look. However, experts advise keeping your scalp fully hydrated as styling hair in braids too often may lead to breakage. 

Chop To Bixie

Are you a fan of bob and pixie cuts? How about you a mix of both? Were you surprised, eh? Professionals term it a pixie haircut that supports your cool girl's vibe. You prefer a less sweaty look for summers, and short hairstyles can give you that. So, visit a salon and let the stylist do this go-to chop.

Sleek Like Bun

Not everyone likes a funky style. Maybe your style eyes for something classy? Then, sleek buns are a perfect style for you on regular and bad hair days. Also, buns can be a great way to add a protective nourishment layer to your hair on normal days. You can add more texture to it with subtle braids or a hairpin.

Iterate 90s Fringe

Bangs have been in style since their introduction into hairstyling magazines. They're perfect for every length of hair. But, this summer, bangs are going retro with 90s fringe interaction- neither heavy nor thick, just super. You can opt for a wispy version from Selena Gomez's lookbook as a referral.

Easy Like 70s Bob

It has been a long time since you tried some complicated hairstyles. Don't worry, we understand. Try a 70s-inspired heavy bob with bottleneck bangs. If you need a better idea, look for inspiration in Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale. You will surely rock the look.

A Chic Way To Style Heavy

For those who need to add smooth motion to their hair without losing length, ask your hairdresser to give you lots of soft layers with thinning scissors for hair. These long and soft layers will add purpose and direction to your long hair, so they sweep and swirl the way you desire. 

Effortless Ponytail

Summer has everything from watermelon drinks to high temperatures. You can opt for short hair, but if you love those long swirls, take a band and tie up your hair in a simple or high ponytail. To make it look chicer, accessorize your ponytail with clips and trinkets.

Final Notes!

Let summer be the season you add a vibe into your personality with a bit of addition to your hair. You can choose a haircut, hair color, or even a hairstyle. It depends on your taste and how you bring the summer season close to your hair. Or, in case you are a DIY person or a hairstylist, have a look at our scissors. Ninja scissors offer a wide variety of Japanese steel quality scissors to give a perfect and fine cut.



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