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Different Types Of Haircutting Scissors Used For Styling

Using the right tools for haircutting is vital. It sometimes becomes tricky to choose the right kind of scissors for your customers. Every kind of scissor is different. The scissors are made keeping different kinds of hair in mind. Building a hairdressing scissors set can be quite confusing as you have to choose between many items. Only the right kind of haircutting tools can give your clients the desired haircut. You don’t want to keep them away from their most stylish look. So, it is time to pick out the right scissor to allow your customers to flaunt their hair with style. Let’s find out the different types of haircutting scissors. 

Haircutting Shears

It is the most basic kind of shears that barbers use to remove the length of the hair for further styling. Haircutting scissors are designed in such a way that perfectly fits the hands of the user. It comes with a noticeable tang to make your little finger rest. The way haircutting shears slice the hair makes them stand out from other haircutting tools. You can use these shears without folding or bending the hair of your customers. Its extreme sharpness will make it easy for you to cut the hair. It works well for blunt and straight cuts. You need not do any layering and texturizing. 

Texturizing Shears  

The texturizing scissors have one blade with teeth that grab the hair. It includes 7-16 teeth which are considered a special type of shears. It is best for thinning bulky hair as it works well without necessarily removing length. These shears do not work well with wispy hair. It is advisable for the experts to use these shears only when you want to reduce the weight of a cut or to balance the haircut. Most texturizing shears have an adjustable knob. It makes it easy for you to set the tightness of the tool according to your comfort.     

Thinning Scissors

Denser teeth differentiate thinning scissors from all the other haircutting tools. These scissors have widely gapped teeth and are useful for removing bulk hairs. Thinning scissors help soften the lines and blend sections of the hair. Moreover, these scissors have as many as 25 teeth or more on one of their blades. Thinning shears cut only half of the grabbed hair, which is easy and faster than using haircutting shears and doing it manually. You can hold the thinning scissors easily as the thumb area is detached in them. So, you don’t have to worry about the hand strain. An adjustable screw is also there to change the tension as per your convenience.

Long-Bladed Barber Scissors

The next on the list is the hairdressing scissors set is the long-bladed barber scissors. They are used to cut more hair strands in one go. It is considered best for over the comb techniques. You can also follow blunt-cutting techniques easily with these scissors. It allows you to cut the hair in a straight line to get rid of the crooked finishes. It is advisable not to use these scissors if you are having any strain injury or small hands. 

Short-Bladed Cutting Scissors

Using short-bladed cutting scissors is recommended for customers who don’t require a lot of styling. These scissors are light and easy to control even if you spend long hours at haircutting sessions. It is essential to reduce hand fatigue. The size of short-bladed cutting scissors varies from 4 inches to 5.5 inches. It is apt for slicing, detailing, trimming the mustache or beard hair.

Left-Handed Scissors

Left-handed scissors are designed in a way to suit the left-handed barbers and have different configurations than right-handed scissors. Moreover, some left-handed scissors are more comfortable than right-handed ones. So, investing in these scissors can also give you the best results. 

Important Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying Hair Cutting Scissors 

Check the material – Most of the time, haircutting scissors are made with stainless steel. Japanese steel is the widely preferred material when it comes to buying hairdressing scissors. 
Size matters – If you have large hands, go for the long blades. If you have medium or shorthands, any medium-length blade will do. 
Check the handle – The swivel type handle is perfect for those who have hand pain. However, if you are short on money, you may consider buying typical shears. 

To Sum It Up!

Different types of scissors will help you to choose the right set for addressing the haircutting needs of your customers. It also helps save your money in the long run. 
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