Do We Need Scissors to Cut Our Hair?

Do We Need Scissors to Cut Our Hair?

Yes, you do require special scissors to cut hair. You may need various special types of hair cut scissors to give different treatments to the hair. Every pair of scissors have some unique features to achieve your desired hairstyle. The professional result also depends on the construction of the scissor. Scissors play a make-or-break factor in achieving the desired hairstyle that suits your facial contours.

Below, we will roll out some of the social scissor types required for catering to a typical hair type.


A lot of people have thick and coarse hair types. You need to frequently texture and thin the growing hair. Using a regular scissor to trim the voluminous hair is a no-go. You need professional-grade thinners that texturize aptly.

Thinning and texturizing scissors, thinners have teeth on one side, while the second side has a smooth blade. Thinners ensure less impact on the hair than razors that produce maximum damage and thin out the hair.

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Most of the hair types need scissor over comb technique. Thanks to their great length, these long hairdressing scissors are precisely fit for layered hair. The length is always more than six inches. Some of the reputable scissors for this genre for professional results are listed here.


The intricate hairstyles require more attention, skill, and sophisticated tools. You cannot go past the sophisticated hairstyles through ordinary scissors. The complex styles need ergonomic scissors with comfy grips. The size range varies from 4.5-5.5 inches. Check out the best Ninja scissors for intricate hairstyles.


For blunt hair cutting, your fingers need to be steady. You need to cherry-pick a pair of scissors with short handles for optimal control and precision for straight-line cutting. Ninja scissors offer some great offset scissors suitable for this specific technique.


Point cutting scissors are also different from the ordinary lot. These straight sets of scissors have thumb rings that align with each other. These scissors are recommended for point-cutting to trim the bunch of hair seamlessly. These are also helpful in making layers. Moreover, the straight angles of the handle eliminate the fatigue and extra stress on the wrist of the hairdresser. The straight-angle handles are much more comfortable than the crane or offset handles.

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End Words

If you are still conscious about the proper selection, your hairstyle demands some out-of-box technique. You need to visit the portal of Ninja hairdressing Scissors to check out the available hairdressing tools instantly. The treasure trove is just a single click away. Tap it!

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