Double Thinning Shears vs. Single

Double Thinning Shears vs. Single

For many people, double thinning shears would be a great discovery. But the single thinning shears have been around for quite a long and hair professionals equally love it. What makes the double thinning scissors different from the single thinning scissors is the question that would be answered immediately!

What is the difference between the double thinning scissors and the single thinning scissors?

The single thinning shears take the weight off the bulky chunk of hair that seems too heavy for a haircut. They are typically used for the apparent reasons from their name- to thin out the hair strands and keep the unwanted weight off the layers. 

The engineering of the single thinning shears is that one blade is of standard thinning shear, which is a straight blade and one shear has around forty teeth that make it a thinning blade. These teeth will help section hair strands into smaller and thinner chunks. This gives thinning effects to hair and haircut.

When both shears are closed, the little groves on each tip help thin out the hair section, and it will feel light right away. 

The double thinning shears are a little different from the single thinning ones. Whereas the single thinning shears have one straight blade and one thinning blade, the double thinning have two thinning blades with no straight edge. 

Each blade has thinning teeth on it and is used to thin out the hair. Both have the same purpose, but the double thinning blade can be less time-consuming. 

The single thinning scissors can leave the visible lines from their straight blade, and a hairdresser has to go back to thin out those strands again to be sure; the double thinning blade gives the hairdresser a break here. Because of both thinning blades, a hairdresser does not have to worry about checking the visible lines, and by just combing and cutting your hair, the double thinning scissors eliminate the chances of leaving a hefty chunk or thinned lines behind. 

The double thinning blade also gives you the feeling of texture in your hair and creates volume. Since the double thinning scissors cut and provide the edge to your hair from both sides, your hair becomes more textured. 

Why is a double-sided thinning shear a must-have?

Hair professionals have many shears to add to their profiles to create different hairstyles. Therefore, they are confident with any tool they use and can give the desired haircut to their clients. But if the client is in a hurry and wants a quick over and does not have time for the touch-ups, then the double-sided thinning shears come to their rescue. 

When you are confident that the tool you are using will give no room to leave out chunks of hair and provide an unflattering look, you can work freely and focus on running your scissors as smoothly as possible. 

The double-sided thinning scissors are best for giving bangs, and since most people want their faces to look thinner and smaller, the bangs are always in demand. 

The double-sided thinning scissors work the best in favor of a hairdresser to give them a textured look and keep off the unwanted weight off the temple area. 

The double-sided thinning scissors are very helpful for beginners. If you are not confident in your techniques and are constantly worried about accidentally pulling off your client’s hair or causing them harm, double-sided thinning scissors are the safest choice. The teeth of both sides run smoothly through the hair and untangle the hair with no pain. 

If you are blending, giving texture, or thinning the strand, these scissors can do no harm, and no risk factor is involved unless you are giving a cut length, then you might have to focus on where you are putting your scissors at. Since the teeth can let the hair seep through, it might take you some time to go back to the same spot to cut each step. 

That is why, to shorten length, the single-sided thinning hair scissors are more preferable (or use a better quality cutting tool for that altogether!). 

Having the right kind of scissors is essential to give the desired haircut. It is hard to find the right tool; double-thinning scissors are undoubtedly the safest tool to have!

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