How to choose blending/thinning/texturizing shears

How to choose blending/thinning/texturizing shears

You all already know how amazing shear Ninja Scissors manufacturs. No questions about that. But as a leading scissors & shear brand, we have noticed one thing.

Even with a year of experience in hand, the majority of the hairdressers do not understand the type of blending/thinning/texturizing shears that will be perfect for their work use. To help such consumers to make the best possible choice, here are some factors that you must consider before finalizing a shear,

Types of hairs

As a hairdresser, you work with various kinds of individuals with several types of hair types. Some people have this curly hair, while others have super smooth and straight hair types.

When dealing with hair diversity, your hairdressing kit must also have the necessary tools to get the job done. You might need blending shears at some times, and sometimes the occasion of using texturizing shears may arise. In other words, you can’t be too certain about a particular type of shear that you can use for all hair types. 

Making the perfect cut

Once you figure out the kind of shear(s) that you think you need according to the types of hairs you usually will deal with, the next factor depends upon your ability to give a proper haircut.

Evaluating the reviews we have gotten so far, we can assume that every hairdresser has its comfort shear. There will always be a shear-type that you will prefer to work with others. When deciding the best one for yourself, that’s the important thing you need.

Handle Design 

The overall handle dynamics are fundamental when it comes to using a scissors / shear for longer work hours. According to verified studies, hairdressers are prone to joint diseases like locked joints and injuries like RSI and varicose veins. This is because of the continuous pressure exerted on finger joints and muscles in the hand and surrounding area.

With handle designs made from an ergonomic approach, there is a high possibility that you can prevent these kinds of ailments from occurring. If you are using one of the scissors / shears manufactured by Ninja Scissors, you already know how well we design our shears in terms of handle adaptability.

Blade Material

What’s the point of getting a shear if it doesn’t work well? That’s the kind of question you will usually ask your customers if you don’t take blade quality seriously. The whole model of operation of a shear depends upon the quality of blade used.

Ninja Scissors have manufactured shears with all kinds of fantastic blade orientations, from Cobalt Steel to highly compressed super durable stainless steel convex blades. If you are looking for some quality hairdressing shears with exceptional durability and an affordable price tag, Ninja Scissors has got your back.

Knowing what precisely the shear will do

Texturizing shears, blending shears, and thinning shears are pretty different in their respective functions.

As the name indicates, a blending shear is used to blend the hair and remove extra weight. These shears are usually perfect to be used for dense and curly hair types.

The thinning shears are limited to removing extra hair weight alone. The shears can’t perform tasks like blending the hair as well.

And finally, a texturizing shear is all about texturizing hair as part of finalizing the look at the end of a haircut.

Compatible with your work routine 

Now, the last factor that determines whether or not a particular shear is suitable for your use depends upon the dynamics of your work routine itself. From the types of hair you usually deal with to the number of hours you put in your work, you need to evaluate each factor before going with an option thoroughly.

Plus, once you have decided the type of hairdressing kit you will work with, there’s a high possibility that your hairdressing skills will automatically adjust according to the equipment over time. Think and choose wisely; the type of shear you will get can have a long-lasting impact than what you will be expecting in the first place.


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