How to Clean your Hair Scissors the Right Way

How to Clean your Hair Scissors the Right Way

Hair scissors cleaning begins with daily cleaning before getting a job done on someone's hair and cleaning right after using the scissors to give someone a haircut. A good approach towards cleaning your shears is to wipe off excess hair, dust, or dirt during the same haircut to keep them from interfering with the scissors cutting performance. 


Use the Basic Soap and Water for Basic Cleaning


Scissors should be carefully rinsed with soap and water after a haircut. The use of autoclaves to dry the scissors after washing and cleaning can also be applicable. Leaving them to dry will not only make the scissors look dirty, but the remains can also deteriorate the surface the causing the scissors to rust, shortening their life span. Abrupt drying also causes the possible spreading of infections through cross-contamination.

Also, soap and water do not remove all the germs on the scissors. The use of alcohol-based cleaning liquid like sanitiser can be applied gently on the blades of the scissors for effective results.


The Use of Barbacide

Barbacide can also be used to clean the scissors, but using Barbicide is not an efficient technique because it can harm the scissors by removing all lubricants when they have been left in the liquid for too long. Instead of dropping the scissors in Barbacide,  we suggest to use the 75% alcohol by volume ( rubbing alcohol ); always ensure to check where the blades connect because that is where hair is most likely to get caught, make sure they are dried before using them again.


Daily Oiling Matters

In addition to keeping your scissors regularly clean with sanitising, daily oiling will extend the scissor's life and keep them in great shape. It is advisable to oil the scissors at the end of the day when they will not be used for many hours; that way, the lubricants can set.

The scissors should be best placed open at 45 degrees with a slight drop placed at the fulcrum. Keep an eye on the joint holding the two blades together, gently rub the oil into the scissors using a soft cloth, clean off excess oil as too much can cause the scissors to become slippery.

Applying the oil at the fulcrum keeps the scissors from getting rusty and stiff, allowing easy, smooth, and efficient controlled haircutting; this also keeps the scissors in top shape. 

Open and close the scissors so the oil can work out any tiny stuck piece of hair and cleaning solution from inside the scissors that the regular washing and sanitising may have missed.


Sharpen the Scissors


When haircutting scissors become dull, it is essential to have them sharpened not to drag hair when having a haircut. Scissors sharpening is not for amateurs because they need to be sharp and need to have the correct tension. Doing it incorrectly can bring about little tension, damaging your blades and bringing additional stress to the hands.

A professional scissors sharpener must sharpen the haircutting scissors properly with certified equipment and techniques that won't damage the scissors.


Side Note


Hairstylists mustn't let other people use their shears; hair-cutting scissors are expensive and designed to cut hair. People might see it differently and might want to use it for different purposes, like cutting a bag of chips.

Hairstylists must keep their scissors away from other individuals, especially children, because this can cause damage to the scissors and themselves. It is essential to store the scissors in a compartment case to help the blades dry and keep them away from moisture and environmental factors.

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