How To Maintain Your Hair Shears The Right Way?

How To Maintain Your Hair Shears The Right Way?

How to maintain your hair shears the right way?

Proper maintenance of hair shears is important for their longevity and performance. Here are some tips on how to maintain your hair shears:

  1. Clean the shears after each use: Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the blades clean after each use. Make sure to remove any hair, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated on the blades.

  2. Oil the blades regularly: Apply a drop or two of hair shear oil to the pivot point of the blades after each use. This helps to keep the blades lubricated and prevents rust.

  3. Store the shears in a dry place: After cleaning and oiling the shears, store them in a dry place. Moisture can cause the blades to rust, which can damage the shears.

  4. Sharpen the blades regularly: Over time, the blades of the shears can become dull. Have them sharpened by a professional sharpening service or learn to sharpen them yourself.

  5. Avoid dropping or hitting the shears: Hair shears are delicate tools and can be easily damaged if dropped or hit against hard surfaces. Always handle them with care and store them safely.

By following these tips, you can maintain your hair shears in good condition and ensure their longevity and performance.

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