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Spice Up The Looks Of Your Clients With Different Styles Of Bangs

If you are a hairdresser, people come to your salon to get a new hairstyle. Some of them get ready to experiment with something new with their looks, and bangs are always the right choice. It is believed that bangs are an excellent way to amp up the look of your clients, provided they are ready for extensive chop-chop!

 The responsibility to provide your clients with a more stylish look depends completely on you. You need to know about different kinds of bangs and tools to use to get them perfectly. For instance, the right set of diamond shears can make the bangs look as you expect them to be. So, to make your clients reflect the captivating style statement, we have come up with different bangs that you can give to your clients to make them more fashionable. Let’s get started.  

Curtain Bangs Are A Popular Trend

Want to make your client know the popular trend and follow it? Tell them about the curtain bangs. It adds fun and style to their look. Curtain bangs are longer than other bang styles. You have to part the bangs in the middle and frame them to the side of their forehead. It gives the shape of the curtains, and hence called curtain bangs. People getting curtain bangs do not have to put much effort into maintaining them as they are easy to grow out. If your client is looking for a new way of styling that doesn’t require much upkeep, curtain bangs are the way out. 

Blunt Bangs Are Like A Fun Style

What do you picture when we say bangs? Well, it is found that most people picture blunt bangs. Straight across forehead bangs that look best on an oval shape. But make sure to tell your clients that these bangs require more upkeep than other bang styles. Your clients have to get them trimmed frequently. The reason is – they don’t want their bangs to grow long. Do not forget to use professional hair cutting scissors to give your clients excellent results. Blunt bangs are a super attractive option if you want to slay your fashion statement. 

Micro Bangs Give A Bold Look 

You must have seen your favorite celebrities killing their look with micro bangs. They are super short bangs that uplift the style statement. Some people look phenomenal in these tiny bangs such that they are born to have them. Your clients will get a mix of retro and modern looks to make them unique. Micro bangs just stop in the middle of the forehead, which is why they are short. If your clients are looking for a truly bold look, micro bangs may be their thing. 

Birkin Bangs Look Sassy 

These bangs were named after Jane Birkin, an English-french singer, and actress. Longer than other bangs, they end right above the lashes. This is the reason they are also called eye-skimming bangs. Birkin bangs require more maintenance as compared to other bang styles. But update your clients that these bangs look super gorgeous anyone can deal with them. If your client wants a transformation in their look and wants to make their look sassy, they can never go wrong with Birkin bangs. To add more, tell your clients to buy a good texturizing spray to maintain the style of Birkin bangs. 

Feathered Bangs Offer A Subtle Look 

Feathered bangs are like curtain bangs, but there is a slight difference. You don’t have to part these bangs from the middle. Your clients can wear this bang style in numerous ways. Feathered bangs get their texture at the ends. These bangs blend perfectly with the rest of the hair of your clients. Due to this reason, your clients get a more subtle look. 

Wrapping Up! 

The number of bang styles is endless. For instance – braided bangs, wispy bangs, textured fringe, arch bangs, and the list goes on. Many clients use to come for the classically styled bangs, but there are innumerable options. Individuals should keep their hair type and face shape in mind while getting their most perfect style. Everyone wants to give a refreshed style to their hair to have a phenomenal look. So it is best for them to hand over this task to the professionals to get the desired results. 

Professionals are the artists that use the right tools and right scissors to give their clients the best hairstyle. Likewise, Ninja Scissors have come up with a range of scissors designed for the needs of the artists to give their clients a look they crave for. We have produced endless sets of scissors and thinners with our constant product innovation and many years of experience. We rely on the mission to give the hairdresser the freedom to perfect their creations by proving the right set of tools. Let your clients have fun with the hairstyle they want. 

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