What Do Texturizing Shears Do? A Detailed Guide

What Do Texturizing Shears Do? A Detailed Guide

In the UK alone, there’s no way you get into any kind of hairdressing salon and not find a single pair of texturizing shears. That's how famous these fantastic pair of shears exactly are among hairdressers in the UK alone. But before going any further in detail, let’s talk about why texturizing shears are needed in the first place?

Well, we all have different skin tones. The same thing goes with our hair texture. There's no way that all of us are going to have the same texture of hair. And by ‘hair texture,’ we mean hair thickness, curls, etc. So, to cope with inches of various textures daily. The hairdressers mostly prefer using some kind of texturizer or thinner, which will reduce the bulkiness and give hair a neater and more polished look.

Where do Ninja shears in all of this? As you already know, we are a company of determination to provide you with the excellent quality of hairdressing tools you want. So, to make your life way more accessible, we have a whole dedicated catalogue of Ninja texturizers and thinners made from the absolute high-quality Ninja shears stainless steel. You can check these out here!

How to use texturizing shears effectively?

There are two common scenarios under which the output of your texturizing shears can increase almost tenfold. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

  • Texturizing the thick and curly ends

As an expert hairdresser, you already know that texturizing shears can’t be used as regular hairdressing Scissors. These are more kind of detailing shears which can reduce the bulky and frizzy hairs up to a great extent. And where to find such kind of uneven set of hair as compared to the hair ends. Across the globe, most people, especially women, face the issue of dead or too bulky split ends that don’t add to their overall hair look. So, to eradicate your client’s lifelong complaint, using texturizers at the hair ends will indeed show some promising results.

  • Thinning your overall hair out

Well, we can work on split ends. But unmanageable hair isn’t confined to the hair ends only. The most irritating part of having thick or frenzy hair is when they are covering your whole head. Ah, and such hairs in summer! A recipe to a perfectly overheated disaster. That’s why most people with such hair prefer to thin their hair out with the help of a texturizer or thinner.

So, how to thin out hair? It is a good idea to spray hair with water before getting your hands on a texturizer. Your client will feel more refreshing, and the thick hairs will not provide that extra amount of resistance to the texturizers or thinners. Hence you can work very smoothly with excellent results by using a texturizer or a thinner in this way. 

Have Ninja shears got some excellent quality texturizing shears?

Are you kidding? We are one of the pioneers of high-quality texturizers and shears in the UK! Of course, we have got some exciting texturizing shears with eye-catching designs as well.

Based on quality, we have got some exceptional stuff. I mean, where you get ATS and VG-based Cobalt steel along with a satin finish in this price range? Moreover, all of our shears are hand-made and hand-polished along with premium designed convex blades, which will enhance your art of texturizing by many levels.

Are texturizing shears worth it?

Well, it depends. Let’s say that you frequently encounter customers with thick and frenzy hairs that do need frequent texturizing sessions. Then yes, having a set of texturizing shears will be highly beneficial. But let’s say that you don’t get across such customers pretty often, then you can work without texturizers or thinners, but it’s recommended.

We hope this article will help you understand how texturizing shears are essential and how they work, but we are open to answering any of your questions. Drop us your questions here, and we will get back to you asap.

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