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Are You A Lefty Who Is Tired With Right-Handed Scissors?

Do you ever wonder how this world is optimized according to the dominant culture? Obviously not!

If you're a left-handed person, the everyday struggle is relatable to you,  from swiping cards at shopping malls to cutting your hair with right-handed scissors, which is arduous. Students who like journaling may find it hard to use their favorite spiral books. It is uncomfortable. Now imagine you are about to have a haircut and you don't have a pair of best left-handed scissors with you? Not a good bet. 

On average, every 1 in five left-handed people lacks proper resources to suit their condition. Typically our dominant hand decides the productivity levels at various tasks. For instance, there are suitable apparatuses for right-handed people in a classroom but not for left-handed students. The debate centering on this argument stops at making designs inclusive, but is it feasible? Yes, of course. Today, we will discuss how the technology in scissors made it possible to bring inclusivity to a regular gadget that people often use that is scissors.

Left-handed Scissors- An Idea Or Necessity

As far as history goes, the first episode of scissors was recorded in 1500B.C. in Egypt. The invention was remarkable; however, it failed to include that minimal proportion of lefties. The population was meager, so the manufacturers didn't find the need to address the issue of this particular niche. In modern times, the population has significantly gone up to around 10%, and the manufacturers know simply changing the handles would not suffice the problem. It took about 3500 long years for manufacturers to comprehend the solution as the society's build-up didn't identify it as a problem. However, shifting focus on inclusivity, a person who likes haircutting will not have to suffer now.

Moving on from the laid out dominant foundational basis of society, we may be able to create functional and comfortable scissors for our left-handed people. So what's the difference between right and left-handed scissors? Read on!

Left-handed Shears V/s Right-handed Shears

Today's left-handed population makes up about 7.8 billion, which is vast enough for global markets to ignore. The scissor technology has been quite inclusive for our left-handed hairdressers and hairstylists. Today, you may not have to put yourself through the torcher of learning how to use right-handed scissors as you will be easily able to find left-handed pairs. The crux, you can find high-quality left-handed scissors without paying extra. Read further to discover the actual difference between a pair of right-handed scissors and left-handed scissors.

In the case of scissors, the difference is visible to the naked eye if you observe it. In simple words, the blades in left-handed pairs are switched in comparison to their right-handed counterparts. In left-handed, the left blade points upwards, and the right blade points downward. Precisely, the correct blade has to be on top to ensure a sharp and clean cut. It makes it easier for you as a hairstylist to have an accurate view of what you're cutting- here, hair.

Does It Matter?

Well, obviously! Just try cutting a piece of paper by holding the right-handed scissors in your left hand, and you may feel the discomfort. Not to mention cutting hair that doesn’t belong to you. The handgrip may feel weird and can even hurt your thumb. Plus, your wrist's position is unnatural, putting it under a lot of harmful tension. The reversed handles can also cause calluses in your hands due to the bizarre position of your fingers. 

What's The Solution?

A very good question. A few years ago, someone must have told you to do some learning. Like, learning to use right-handed scissors with your non-dominant hand, and maybe after a lot of practice, you'll be able to get accurate cuts. However, this exercise takes a lot of practice and patience with uncertain results.

What Else?

Again, a very intriguing question. Yeah, you can learn almost everything now at ease in your home, but why put your hands under so much pressure when many high-quality left-handed shears are available in the stores? Haircutting scissors technology has advanced to a great level. We have scissors for almost every concern, whether for thinning hair or giving a nice texture to your client’s hair. 

You can discover some of our left-handed scissors made with Japanese steel with high precision blades. For example:

  1. Diamond shears lefty
  2. Dragon Lefty Set
  3. Crocodile lefty thinner
  4. Geisha lefty thinner and more!


At ninja scissors, we understand the importance of having a good quality haircutting tool for a hairdresser. We make your haircutting experience more accessible with our high-quality Japanese steel scissors with a lifetime warranty. So be ready and get your hands on some fundamental haircutting tools!

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