Best Professional Hairdressing Scissors Brands in 2022

Best Professional Hairdressing Scissors Brands in 2022

With the rise of hairdressing as a profession, brands constantly manufacture some great hairdressing shears. Time to take a look at such top 3 brands.

1. Joewell

Probably one of the oldest hairdressing shears manufacturing brands still working today. You might be surprised, but Joewell began its operations back in 1917.

Even after being so old in its roots, the brand has put some serious effort into innovating itself according to the modern trends and norms of hairdressing. The reason why Joewell is still fully functional, to be honest.

Let's talk about the shears that Joewell manufactures. The Joewell shears are not of the globally popular Japanese hairdressing theme. Instead, Joewell has a different Professional hairdressing shears design that has attained a signature status for the brand. There are shears out there manufactured by Joewell that have gained globular popularity.

Joewell has got diverse types of reviews when it comes to expert opinion. The majority of the experts religiously believe that Joewell should improve the design dynamics of its shears instead of focusing on factors such as marketing and stuff.

2. Ninja

If we talk about the year 2021 alone, there are no other Ninja hairdressing shears manufacturing brand out there that has got the amount of class and expertise Ninja Scissors has got. These guys are amazing and are super focused on what they are doing.

For instance, Ninja Scissors is relatively new compared to other popular hairdressing scissors manufacturers. But in reality, Ninja has already attained the status of a legendary hairdressing shear manufacturer among the hairdressing community, especially if we talk about the hairdressing community in the United Kingdom and surrounding regions.

According to experts, Ninja Scissors is also a particular brand manufacturing stuff that is totally at the level of perfection. Both in terms of looks and performance. Ninja Scissors has a strict principle of working with Japanese-themed shears. A theme that has attained the global status of popularity because of it.

With a worldwide free shipping offer still active, the Ninja Scissors is expanding its roots from British soil. According to the initial response, the shears manufactured by Ninja Scissors have already secured a permanent spot for themselves.

3. Yasaka

In terms of popularity, no one can beat Yasaka. The company has been manufacturing shears for many years now, and the number of consumers for the Yasaka increases firmly with every passing year. The vital part, all the Yasaka shears are handcrafted. This is the reason why these shears are so popular among hairdressers.

According to experts, one thing gives Yasaka an edge over other hairdressing shears manufacturing brands. The etched ergonomic handle has a class of its own. Even though some popular Ninja Scissors shears have etched handles. But in terms of type, Yasaka has the expertise and a prominent edge over others.

This concludes our list of top 3 hairdressing shears manufacturing brands that you should try out soon. After all, having a fantastic shear is also essential to polish your skills in the long run.

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