Best Tools for Barbers - A 2021 Guide

Best Tools for Barbers - A 2021 Guide

Tools are the jugular veins for the lifeline of the barbers' careers. A hairstylist is nothing sans an effective and complete tool kit that includes the shears, scissors, clippers, combs, etc. A competent barber always plunges into the hair-entertaining foray with complete preparation, having all the essentiality's in the toolbox.

The first and foremost tool that jewels the crown of the barber is a pair of scissors. A nice pair of scissors can do wonders, elevating your and salon's reputation to new heights. Moreover, what could be more heartening than seeing a client returning with a full smile?

From newbies to veterans, the selection of scissors is a delicate task. Nonetheless, our experts have dragged out some of the best pairs of scissors found on planet earth. Let's see what these; are




Blade: Hamaguri Convex Razor Edge |Material: Forged 440C Japanese Stainless Steel|Handle: Offset |Tension: Ball bearing |Life span: 15-20 years


Dragon by Ninja is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the artful engravings. Moreover, the high-end 440C Japanese Stainless Steel aptly resists corrosion and saves up the ability to retain the edges for long. If your salon is buzzed with the varying clients of wet/dry hair types, this is the best-case option, considering the offset handles that adjust with varying hair.




Blade: Hamaguri 3D Convex Razor |Material: Forged 440C Japanese Stainless Steel|Handle: Offset |Tension: Ball bearing |Life span: 20-25 years 


Venom is a sharp and sleek scissor that is highly recommended for complex hair types. The combination of Convex Razor Edge and 440C Stainless Steel is suitable for point cutting, slide cutting, and texturing. Moreover, the finest steel is coated in an eye-popping titanium finish. The ergonomically designed offset handle provides the ultimate comfort to the user. The construction becomes more comfortable owing to the easily adjustable ball-bearing tension system.




Blade: Hamaguri 3D Convex Razor Edge |Material: Hitachi Japanese Cobalt Steel|Handle: 3D Offset |Tension: Precision Flat Adjustble |Life span: 20-25 years


Katana is another exciting tool in the hairdressers' toolkit that offers ultimate comfort, durability, and swiftness. It is fixated with perhaps the most lightweight handle. The satin black titanium ceramic coating aptly cuts the dry-cum-wet hair effortlessly. Barbers often lament about the fatigue during the cutting. Katana aptly caters to this issue by incorporating the Hollow Ground technology that provides the ultimate soft cuts with no fatigue at hand. Katana is a real Japanese wonder.




Blade: Hamaguri 3D Convex Razor Edge |Material: Hitachi Japanese Cobalt |Handle: 3D Offset |Tension: Ballbearing |Life span: 20-25 years


If you are feeling nostalgic, then nothing could be better than Evoque to satiate the inciting vibes. Furthermore, it does not compromise efficiency at all as the crescent-shaped blade reaches difficult angles quickly. Evoque is a perfect scissor for slicing and point cutting. The snug grip makes the scissors a part of your fingers, relieving the relentless stress on the hands, wrist, fingers, and shoulder.




The barber tools act as a make-or-break option. Opting in one from the high-end bracket would bring the ultimate peace of mind to both the hairdresser and the client. We hope that you would like our selection that would adorn the decor of your salon. Stay connected!

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