German Scissors V.s. Japanese Scissors: Everything you need to know

German Scissors V.s. Japanese Scissors: Everything you need to know

Overview of German Scissors: 

German-made scissors are well-known to be used as a first choice of many barbers and stylists throughout the world because of their sharpened edges and high-quality metal blades. However, these are not the only features that made these scissors famous among many world-renowned top hairdressers. The main reason is the comfort of operating this shearing tool by hand that makes it extremely easy to use for the trainers of professional barber shops. These scissors can be purchased once and used for prolonged periods as the steel is hard and sharp. So, the equipment is unbreakable.

Solingen in Bergisches Land, also known as 'The City of Blades,' has the largest hairdressing scissor industry. Top-notch brands and manufacturers produce a large variety of German hairdressing scissors and hair razors.

Highlights of Japanese Scissors:

Japanese scissors integrate Japanese steel that provides a plain and straightforward design. The tool is manufactured in a way that it can be operated effortlessly by any inexperienced barber. Japanese Scissors usually incorporate convex blades with a very sharp edge, and the steel used is lightweight. These scissors are conveniently available in the market at affordable prices. Pros recommend these shears to every starting hairstylist and hairdresser.

In short, Japanese steel is used to craft this equipment, so these scissors provide detailed performance while cutting the unreached areas like behind ears, etc., by not losing any control on this hand-operated tool as they are easily adaptable to any barber. The majority of the barbers and hairdressers use Japanese Scissors because they add value to their work as they provide a professional look with perfection. 

Styling the hairs and creating more looks by offering numerous hair cuts to customers can only be possible if the barbers do not have a hard time using the equipment and these shears seem like a complete package for them. Their blades are sharp and lightweight so, fine edges develop quickly. 


German Scissors V.s Japanese Scissors:

Germany has a history of approximately 100 years in producing and supplying high performer scissors and thus, has the longest-standing scissor manufacturers in the industry.   

However, German scissors are the best option to be used by technical barbers as this hand operating tool cannot be easily used by everyone due to its hard steel. These scissors have opposing handles, or their offset is pretty petite. So, for a layperson, these scissors cannot work most of the time. 

People find it challenging to handle it wisely and create a grip over it. But, once the person gets the required training to tackle it, undoubtedly, they can feel very comfortable. However, this is only possible in case you'll be using the scissors for years to come.

On the other hand, since the 1960s, Japanese hairdressing scissors have been the best player in the international hair industry.

Japanese Scissors comprises primarily of lightweight steel with convex edge blade that is extremely popular amongst professional barbers and newcomer hair cutters. Usually, there will be no need to use a comb while cutting with these scissors as they are flexible enough to rotate anywhere on the skull surface. 

They are cost-effective and can be used for multiple purposes. Japanese Hairdressing Scissors were the pioneers to push for offset ergonomics that reduced the fatigue of professional hairdressers and barbers in Japan.

Final Thoughts: 

The truth is that both German and Japanese hair scissors work perfectly for hairdressers. The only point where you need to pay attention is the weight of the scissors. It is a known factor that using scissors all day can cause fatigue and pain in the wrists of the hairstylist.  

So, if you are trained to use heavy-duty scissors professionally, then a pair of German scissors would work fine for you. However, if you are a newbie in the business or have delicate wrists that can’t bear the heavyweight of German scissors, then Japanese scissors are your call. Japanese scissors are lightweight and have super sharp blades, and that’s why they would be ideal for you to use and quickly become accustomed to cutting and styling the hair. 

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