How often should you sharpen your shears?

How often should you sharpen your shears?

Your shears make or break the game of giving a haircut, and if you are overlooking the importance of their maintenance, you are not fully utilizing the potential they have to offer. 

Notably, the original sharpness and edge of your shear are the best they could offer, but if you keep it maintained and oiled, it can easily prolong the life of your shears. 

The most asked question about the hair shears is how often you should get them sharpened. It is generally believed that you should have them sharpened every six to twelve months depending on your use to enhance its quality, or rather, to maintain its quality. 

For a hairdresser, there are a few factors you should keep in mind when it comes to hair shears:

Maintain the Quality

To use your shears for a more extended period, it is better to invest in some good pieces as the shears are the best trade for a hair professional. It is advised to use the shears made of either Hitachi 440C, ATS 314 or VG-10 Gold steel. 

They should be sharpened using Japanese equipment and have Japanese convex blades, so money is not wasted on J2 steel that loses its sharpness at an alarming rate.

Proper Usage: 

If you are using your shears on wet, damp hair, it will stay sharpened for a longer period. Unwashed hair contains several hair products that can contribute to shortening the life of your shears. 

How you take care of the shears: 

Your shears will stay sharp if you are regularly oiling them and cleaning them. After giving every haircut, it is advised to clear the shears and look at any scratches. Place them on a towel with the shears closed. This will protect the blades. 

The cleaning kit: 

First of all, you should get a cleaning kit right when you buy your shears. Your cleaning kit should have essential tools such as clean cotton cloth, shear oil, and tension tool. You should oil your shears regularly, use a cotton cloth to clean the shear after every cut, and a tension tool should be used to tighten the shears. If you are oiling your shears regularly, you won’t be needing to sharpen your shears very often. Twice a year would suffice. Caution: the usage of your shears can make a big difference in how continually you should hone them.

How often the shears should be sharpened: 

As is already mentioned that there is no definite answer. The sharpening should be in accordance with how often you use them on hair with chemical products in it, as those products dull the sharpness and decrease the performance of your shears. 

You should keep in mind that the sharpening of your shears will remove the original tempering on the cutting edge, and once sharpened, your shears will need constant sharpening every six to twelve months. 

The sharpening process should be done right. Otherwise, you might lose the quality of your shears. If your shears feel weary, it is better to replace them instead of sharpening them. It might cost you less fortune in the longer run. 

How to prolong the life of your shears: 

It is better to use a cotton cloth to keep them clean, as it would provide less damage to the surface of the blades. Lubrication is essential, but it is better to use the right amount of oil; otherwise, your shears will lose the tension and might rust. You should also check the tension of your shears, and if it is too tight, you should make some adjustments accordingly. After every working day, store your shears carefully and in a place that is dry and clean.

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