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How To Amp Up Your Look With Octopus Hairstyle?

The 'octopus' haircut is the most popular hairstyle these days. Do you recall Rachel's legendary haircut from the 1990s? If you're a fan of Rachel's hairstyle, you'll love this new trend. Compared to the wolf cut, the haircut is shaping the most popular trend in 2022, along with the shag haircut and curtain bangs styles. The silhouette of the octopus' tentacles is created by cutting layers into varying lengths. Your hairdresser will use Japanese steel shear to create short layers, do some shaping around the face, and thinning to get the octopus haircut. If the objective is to diminish volume rather than create it, these layers may not be the best choice for curly hair.


Bangs, for example, can help to disguise a major part of the forehead. Meanwhile, layers around the cheekbones make your face look longer. An octopus hairdo is simple to keep up. It's a scrunch-and-go style that doesn't need trimming every six weeks. It is the latest and most popular haircut and hairstyle idea. In this blog, we will discuss more about the octopus hairstyle and whether or not it is the right haircut for you!



What Is Octopus HairStyle?


After the wolf cut follows the octopus haircut, the name is after the silky, slightly wavy long strands that caress the face like tentacles. Furthermore, the well-layered haircut provides enough volume at the rear of the head, allowing a creative take on the octopus form.


The octopus haircut is similar to the shag cut, shallot, wolf cut, mixie, and bixie haircuts, which are still highly fashionable, thanks to the airy layers. On the other hand, Octopus Hair is a fabulous type of the legendary Rachel Cut with more firm layers rather than being excessive. 


Anyone with long or shoulder-length hair who wants a less flashy makeover will love Octopus Hair. In contrast to the popular hairstyles of the 1970s and 1980s, the defining Korean look by delicate strands that wonderfully frame the face with the traditional Japanese Scissor.



Why Is Octopus Hair Style On Trend These Days?


The style has been popular in other countries for some time; now it is just here and nows, where it has been trending on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. The form is eerily similar to the octopus emoji we're familiar with, but it's a hybrid of the "Rachel" and a shag haircut with a bit more length. It combines long and short layers, similar to the shag, but retaining a little longer shape. The typical "octopus" look, once cut, the circular layers and curving finish that everyone adored about the "Rachel."


Although the top of the crown will develop more layers and volume, the ends will have thinner, longer layers. Although its form is similar to a mullet, it has a smoother mix.


How To Glam Your Look With Octopus Hairstyle?


Because of its unique shape, the octopus cut might help create a lot of styles daily, so if you're seeking a low-maintenance appearance, this isn't the cut for you. Straight hair types look best with the shape, but wavy hair may easily pull it off with a few style methods. To realize if this is suitable for you, talk to your stylist about the best hair type and lifestyle solutions.


  • People with chubby faces: If you have a chubby look and want to define it, this hairstyle can be right for you. The wispy strands could help create the illusion of a thinner face.


  • People with round features: Because the octopus haircut has so many severe cuts, it may help round faces get more structure. You might attempt this haircut to make your face seem more angular or sculpted.


  • Thick-haired individuals:  Your stylist will chop out a lot of hair from the top area of your hair for the wispy bits. As a result, this would be appropriate for hair medium in thickness. The haircut's creators also believe that thick hair would benefit from it.


  • Best Haircut With Color  Wearing a contrasting color on the lower top coat will help enhance the "tentacle effect." that is how you mix two styles into one: the popular two-tone look from the early 2000s and Korean octopus hair. In addition to blonde and brown or black, Brighter hues are also quite attractive. 



To Sum Up!


The octopus hair is a combination of two hairstyles that dominated 2021. The mullet cut's length at the neck and the volume and deteriorated hair of the wolf cut are all taken up by this cut. Another feature of the "octopus" haircut is that it necessitates retaining short locks around the ear. The remainder of the hairstyle looks like octopus tentacles. As a result, it's a unique and even flamboyant haircut. Will you, however, succumb to this beauty fad in 2022? Although anybody with medium-length hair may wear it, it is recommended for those who have fine, flat hair that lacks volume.

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