How to choose the Right Hairdressing Scissors

How to choose the Right Hairdressing Scissors?

Finally, the pandemic days are almost over now. Things are getting right back on the track as they were. Do you know what this means? Time to open up for business once again, and this time we will show all the skills we have got.

As a hairdresser, you can already feel the pressure of the booming business increasing with every single day. To help you stay on the right, here are some tips for finding the right hairdressing scissors that are going to boost your hairdressing career,

● Selecting the right size

As a hairdresser, you are going to have a hairdressing kit of your own. The kit will contain all the hairdressing essentials you feel comfortable working with. Also, these shears and tools are going to be suitable with your exact hand size.

Yes, your hand size, not someone else’s. That’s why selecting the appropriate size of hairdressing scissors and tools is essential. Plus, there is no such thing as universal-sized hairdressing scissors. We all have different hand grip sizes and preferences.

● Choosing from Various Blade Styles

Yes, you can choose a suitable blade style as well. Generally, there are two styles of hairdressing blades that are popular throughout the globe today.

First, we have got the ‘beveled edge’ blade style. This blade style is the most common one you are going to find throughout the European continent. These blades are known for preventing hair from sliding like a real pro.

Along with that, the most common blade style is the ‘convex blades’ style. This hairdressing scissors blade style is commonly found through regions of Asia and the American continent. Known for providing a one-of-a-kind super smooth hair cutting experience, and the concave blades leave a hollow opening within.

● Taking a look at the available Handle Designs

After the blade orientation, nothing will affect the overall performance as much as the scissor handle will do. A good handle orientation is all you will need to ensure that your fingers are well rested during busy work routines.

Generally, we get handle designs like the level handle with a more symmetrical appearance. The offset handle in which one handle is elongated than the other. And finally, the crane handle, which is more like an up-gradation of the offset handle. The only prominent difference it has is the straighter-looking handle orientation.

● Selecting the Scissor according to your Hand Preference

The orientation of your hand indeed affects the type of hairdressing scissors you are going to get. This is one of such facts that is considered a myth among the hairdressing community. That’s why you will often be seeing right-hand and left-hand hairdressers using the same hairdressing scissor type.

Today, popular hairdressing scissors manufacturing companies like the Ninja Scissors, etc., offer scissors suitable for hand orientation. This allows the hairdresser to reduce the unwanted pressure off your hands and help you perform well even during busy work hours.

● Getting the Perfect Screw Mechanism

When we talk about hairdressing scissors, the screw mechanism determines how your favorite hairdressing shear will work. The screw mechanism is a term that is used to refer to the center screw that holds the two blades together. Tightening or loosening the screw determines the cutting ability of the scissor.

When the screw is tightened, both the blades come closer to one another. In such an ironic situation like this, you will get a pure, kind, fast, and solid haircutting experience. When the screw is loosely bound, the blades get a bit free and give you a perfect scissor for stuff like texturizing and thinning.

● Why go with Ninja Scissors?

From where you are getting the hairdressing scissors plays a vital role in determining the quality of the blade. That’s why the best bet you can make today to get premium quality hairdressing shears is Ninja Scissors.

The company has been working for years now manufacturing blades the way traditional Japanese blade manufacturing art states. According to experts, there’s something special about Ninja Scissors hairdressing shears. Something that you don’t see quite often in other similar companies. Plus, the price tag for the shear sets and the Ninja Scissors customer care team is truly exceptional.

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