How to Hold Hairdressing Scissors: Proper Finger Positions

How to Hold Hairdressing Scissors: Proper Finger Positions


Holding hairdressing scissors properly is essential for achieving precision and control during haircuts. The way you hold the scissors can impact the quality of your cuts and reduce the strain on your hand and wrist. Here's a guide to the proper finger positions for holding hairdressing scissors:

Steps for Proper Finger Positions:

**1. Choose the Right Scissors:

  • Before focusing on finger positions, ensure you have the right pair of hairdressing scissors. The scissors should be comfortable, well-balanced, and suitable for your cutting techniques.

**2. Dominant Hand Position:

  • Hold the scissors in your dominant hand. For right-handed stylists, the right hand holds the scissors, and for left-handed stylists, the left hand holds them.

**3. Thumb Position:

  • Place your thumb through the larger, lower thumb hole of the scissors. The thumb should rest comfortably in the hole, allowing you to control the opening and closing of the blades.

**4. Ring Finger Position:

  • Insert your ring finger through the smaller, upper finger hole. The ring finger provides additional stability and control, helping you guide the scissors with precision.

**5. Middle Finger Support:

  • Let your middle finger rest against the inside of the scissors, providing support and control. The middle finger does not go through any of the finger holes but rests against the inside surface.

**6. Index Finger Placement:

  • Your index finger is positioned outside the scissors, along the outer edge. This finger helps maintain stability and control the angle of the scissors.

**7. Natural Hand Position:

  • Your hand should be in a natural, relaxed position. Avoid gripping the scissors too tightly, as this can lead to hand fatigue and discomfort. Allow your hand to maintain a relaxed and open posture.

**8. Angle of Scissors:

  • Hold the scissors at a comfortable angle for the specific cutting technique you are using. Adjust the angle as needed for different sections of hair.

**9. Use Your Entire Hand:

  • Engage your entire hand in the cutting motion. The movement should come from the wrist and fingers, not just the fingers alone. This distributes the effort and reduces strain.

**10. Practice Control and Precision:

  • Practice opening and closing the scissors with control. Precision cutting requires fluid movements and a steady hand.

Tips for Holding Hairdressing Scissors:

  • Relax Your Grip: Avoid gripping the scissors too tightly, as this can lead to hand fatigue and discomfort. A relaxed grip allows for better control and reduces strain.
  • Maintain Consistency: Try to maintain consistent finger positions throughout the haircut. This helps in developing muscle memory and improving cutting accuracy.
  • Regular Breaks: Take short breaks during long cutting sessions to stretch and relax your hand and wrist muscles.
  • Choose Ergonomic Scissors: Consider using scissors with ergonomic designs to further reduce strain on your hand and wrist.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: If you're new to hairdressing or want to refine your technique, consider seeking guidance from a professional stylist or attending a cutting workshop.

Proper finger positions are crucial for achieving precision and control in hairdressing. With practice, you can develop a comfortable and effective grip that enhances your cutting skills and minimizes the risk of strain or discomfort.

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