How to Perfectly Choose Japanese Hairdressing Scissors and Thinning Shears

How to Perfectly Choose Japanese Hairdressing Scissors and Thinning Shears

The selection of Japanese hairdressing scissors and thinning shears is not a simple task. It requires professional advice and competency to land the right product. Our editors will not let you get lost among many models and brands.

This guide will help you pick up the right pair of Japanese scissors and shears. To select the perfect pair, ask the following simple questions about yourself.

What is the correct length for me?

Before choosing a scissor or shear, the right length should be precise in mind. The measure of each blade between your middle fingers should be adequate to stretch. Most of the comfy scissors range between 4.5 to 8 inches.

Am I a Right-handed stylist or Left-Handed?

When right-handed stylists use left-handed scissors, they automatically stress their hands. It is highly recommended to select the correct type of cutting tool. The left-handed scissors have a sharp notch or edge on the upper blade on the left-hand side. The right-handed scissors are vice versa.

Are Holes on the Scissors Adequately Fit?

The holes of the scissors should not be sloppy or loose. The misalignment can put extra strain on the hand. An excellent way to adjust the holes is using plastic inserts. The inserts plug in the additional spaces between your fingers.

Is the Scissor or Shear Under-Consideration Ergonomically Built?

The ergonomics of the scissors should have been checked too. Many bands prefer the ergonomic construction, and you must go for it. Ergonomically built scissors reduce the pressure on hands and arms. The user feels greater comfort while handling the scissors powered by ergonomics. Some popular ergonomic choices are offset, swivels, and double swivels.

What is the Right Size for Me?

There is a wide ambit of sizes available for the hairstylist. It all depends on the hairstyle, as it has the final say in the size selection. For regular cutting, the size range of 4.5-5.5 inches gives a tailored effect. Longer scissors like those more than six inches are best for techniques like scissor over comb.

The long scissors are usually faster, but smaller ones do the same job with more precision and refinement. The barber should have several lengths in her toolkit to cope with multiple tasks. As a rule of thumb, the small scissors are used on the top to give the desired look, while the larger ones blend with the other scissors above.

Does Haptic Contact Give You the Right Vibe?

There is a more profound and meaningful relationship between the professional barber and her cutting tool. Before selection, it is also essential to have a natural touch. This way, the impact of scissors or shears on your wrist or fingers gets clear. To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome or hand fatigue, the scissors in your hand should be at ease. This proposition is fundamental if you are a novice.

What Type of Screw System is the Best?

Most scissors have a regular or flat screw. Nevertheless, an adjustable screw is recommended as you can quickly turn it and adjust the tension to your liking.

Finalizing the Answers

If you have successfully hoped for all the loopholes, you are just in front of your desired product. You can now blindly pick the Japanese scissors or thinning shears. Moreover, if you want to get all the answers finalized by default, visit the charismatic portal of Ninja Scissors.

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