Scissor Refresh Ideas - Upgrades for Old Scissors

Scissor Refresh Ideas - Upgrades for Old Scissors


Refreshing or upgrading old scissors can give them new life and improve your cutting experience. Here are some ideas to consider for upgrading your old scissors:

  1. Sharpening:
    • Professional sharpening can significantly improve the cutting performance of your scissors. Dull blades can cause uneven cuts and increase strain on your hands.
  2. Adjustable Tension Screw:
    • If your old scissors don't have an adjustable tension screw, consider having one added. This allows you to customize the scissor tension to your preference.
  3. Finger Inserts:
    • Upgrading the finger inserts with more comfortable and ergonomic options can improve your grip and reduce fatigue.
  4. Swivel Thumb Rings:
    • Adding swivel thumb rings can enhance ergonomics and reduce wrist strain, especially during prolonged cutting sessions.
  5. New Finger Rings:
    • If your scissors have worn or uncomfortable finger rings, replacing them with new ones can improve overall comfort and control.
  6. Finger Rest Adjustment:
    • Some scissors have adjustable finger rests. Proper placement of the finger rest can help you achieve a comfortable hand position.
  7. Custom Engraving:
    • Adding custom engraving to your scissors can give them a personalized touch and make them stand out.
  8. Custom Finger Hole Sizes:
    • If your old scissors don't fit your fingers comfortably, consider having the finger holes resized to better match your hand.
  9. Serrated Blades:
    • If you frequently cut slippery or fine hair, adding micro-serrated blades can provide better grip and control.
  10. New Inserts or Spacers:
    • Some scissors have inserts or spacers that can be replaced. This can affect the overall feel and balance of the scissors.
  11. Thinning or Texturizing Blades:
    • Adding or replacing blades for thinning or texturizing can expand the range of techniques you can perform with your scissors.
  12. Professional Inspection:
    • Before making any upgrades, have your scissors professionally inspected. A scissor technician can assess their condition and recommend appropriate upgrades.
  13. New Scissor Pouch or Case:
    • Upgrading the pouch or case can help protect your scissors and keep them in good condition when not in use.
  14. Customized Sizing:
    • Some manufacturers offer customized scissor sizing to match your hand dimensions perfectly.
  15. New Scissors:
    • Sometimes, upgrading to a new pair of high-quality scissors with advanced features might be the best option if your old scissors are significantly outdated or damaged.

Remember that not all upgrades are feasible for every scissor model. Consult with scissor technicians or suppliers to determine which upgrades are compatible with your scissors and will best suit your cutting style and preferences. Upgrading your old scissors can enhance your cutting performance, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

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