The 5 Must-Have Scissors for Every Hairdresser

The 5 Must-Have Scissors for Every Hairdresser


Hairdressers rely on various types of scissors to perform a wide range of hairstyling techniques. Here are the five must-have scissors for every hairdresser:

  1. Straight-Bladed Cutting Shears:
    • Purpose: Straight-bladed cutting shears are the workhorse of a hairdresser's toolkit. They are used for basic, straight-line cuts and blunt cuts.
    • Features: Straight blades provide clean, even cuts and are versatile for most haircutting techniques.
    • Usage: Ideal for general haircuts and trims, including bob cuts and classic styles.
  2. Thinning or Texturizing Shears:
    • Purpose: Thinning or texturizing shears are designed to remove excess bulk and add texture to the hair.
    • Features: These shears have notched or serrated blades that create uneven cuts, reducing volume and creating a textured look.
    • Usage: Essential for thinning out thick hair, blending layers, and creating soft, textured hairstyles.
  3. Curved-Bladed Scissors:
    • Purpose: Curved-bladed scissors are used for layered and graduated cuts, where a softer, blended look is desired.
    • Features: The curved blades allow for smoother, flowing cutting motions and create seamless layers.
    • Usage: Ideal for creating layered, textured, and graduated haircuts.
  4. Point-Cut Scissors:
    • Purpose: Point-cut scissors have notched blades that create textured ends and add movement to the hair.
    • Features: The notches or teeth along the blade edge are ideal for achieving a choppy or textured look.
    • Usage: Used for creating texture, softening edges, and adding dimension to layered and long hairstyles.
  5. Razor Scissors:
    • Purpose: Razor scissors have a straight or curved blade with a razor edge, providing a softer, feathered effect.
    • Features: Razor scissors create wispy ends and are versatile for achieving various texturized styles.
    • Usage: Used for adding texture, softness, and movement to hairstyles, especially for shaggy or tousled looks.

These five types of scissors cover the essential tools needed for a wide range of hairstyling techniques. Depending on the specific services you offer and the types of hair you frequently work with, you may also consider additional specialty scissors, such as swivel thumb scissors for ergonomic comfort, or fine hair scissors for precise cuts on thin hair. However, the must-have scissors mentioned above form the foundation of a hairdresser's kit and should be prioritized.

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