The Best Hairdressing Scissors Contests

The Best Hairdressing Scissors Contests


Hairdressing scissors contests are a fantastic way for hairstylists and scissor enthusiasts to showcase their skills and creativity while competing for recognition and prizes. The availability of specific contests may vary by location and time, but here are some well-known hairdressing scissors contests that have been held in the past:

  1. American Crew All-Star Challenge:
    • American Crew's All-Star Challenge is a global competition that invites hairstylists to create modern, masculine looks using American Crew products. While not exclusively focused on scissors, it showcases the creativity and cutting skills of hairstylists.
  2. Hanzo National Cutting Competition:
    • Hanzo hosts an annual National Cutting Competition in the United States, allowing hairstylists to compete in various cutting categories. It's an opportunity to demonstrate precision and creativity with scissors.
  3. Wella Professionals TrendVision Awards:
    • Wella Professionals' TrendVision Awards is an international competition that includes categories for both color and cutting. Hairstylists can showcase their scissor skills in the cutting categories.
  4. Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge:
    • Goldwell's Color Zoom Challenge is an international competition that includes the Partner, Creative, and New Talent categories. While color plays a significant role, cutting techniques with scissors are essential for creating complete looks.
  5. Mizutani Scissors Haircutting Contest:
    • Mizutani Scissors, a renowned scissor manufacturer, occasionally hosts haircutting contests that focus on the use of their scissors. These contests often attract top talent in the industry.
  6. Sam Villa Redken Road Show:
    • Sam Villa, a respected hairstylist and educator, hosts educational events and contests, including the Redken Road Show. While not a dedicated scissor contest, it provides opportunities to showcase cutting skills.
  7. Salon International:
    • Salon International, held in London, often hosts live competitions where hairstylists can demonstrate their scissor skills in front of an audience and judges.
  8. Local and Regional Contests:
    • Many local and regional hairstyling associations, salons, and scissor manufacturers organize contests that focus on haircutting skills. These events provide opportunities for hairstylists to compete and gain recognition.

When participating in hairdressing scissors contests, it's essential to stay updated on contest rules, deadlines, and entry requirements. These contests often celebrate creativity, innovation, and the ability to produce stunning haircuts using quality scissors. They can also provide valuable networking opportunities and a chance to learn from other talented professionals in the industry.

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