The Brilliant 10 Best Hair Cutting Scissors & Professional Shears

The Brilliant 10 Best Hair Cutting Scissors & Professional Shears

As we already know, when it comes to manufacturing premium quality hair cutting scissors and shears, nothing can beat the class of Ninja Scissors. The shears they manufacture are one a whole another level of quality and performance.

But we can understand, choosing a single shear from the super fantastic range of shears manufactured by Ninja Scissors can be a tricky areal job. So, we decided to ask our experts to rank ten all-time best Ninja Scissors manufactured hair cutting scissors and shears that they think are one a whole another level. Gladly, they agreed to compute such a list.

ERGO scissor

The Ninja Scissor has a class of its own. The ERGO is all about providing exceptional hairdressing performance with a pretty basic design. Plus, the Hamaguri convex razor edge is all about innovation and a unique look.

VENOM scissor

With this hairdressing shear, Ninja Scissors decided that it was finally time to introduce some innovation in the whole manufacturing operations of Ninja Scissors. The entire VENOM scissor model is themed after the popular VENOM character from the MARVEL cinematic verse.

MUSASHI thinner

The MUSASHI thinner is an effort by Ninja Scissors to pay tribute to the ancient Japanese Ninja clan. With the ATS 314 Cobalt Steel, the MUSASHI thinner can generate a 25-30% cut ratio.


Like the BABER KING hairdressing shear, the BARBER KING thinner comes with an elongated blade design that generates a solid 20-25% cut ratio.


The CLASSIC scissor doesn't need much of an introduction. The design approach behind the CLASSIC was straightforward. Ninja Scissors wanted to reinvent the CLASSIC design of the shears; because of this, the CLASSIC has a fundamental yet practical design.

 EVOQUE scissor

The EVOQUE was also one of the prominent innovations Ninja Scissors ever came up with within the last decade. The bent blade design is indeed something you don't see quite often. But still, the EVOQUE is a complete beast in terms of performance.

HAKUSHI scissor

Ninja Scissors paid another tribute to the ancient Japanese Ninja clan and their blade manufacturing and bending techniques. The VG10 super cobalt steel has a class of its own as well.

DRAGON reverset thinner

A thinner that holds so much class and performance in itself that the whole hairdressing community is a fan of this thinner. What makes it unique? Well, for a majority of the users, it's the intricate hand-etched pattern.

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