Top 10 Best Selling Hairdressing Scissors 2022

Top 10 Best Selling Hairdressing Scissors 2022

It's a whole new year. Everything is way more innovative and fresher than last year. This applies to the job trends and gadgets as well. For instance, the stats show that the number of potential hairdressers in 2022 will be greater than last year.

That's some positive trend showing that people are finally trying to become part of the hairdressing community. Keeping all these trends in mind, Ninja Scissors has just launched a whole new series of 10 shears that will rock the sales and trends charts this year.

DRAGON scissor

The scissor changed the whole appearance and statistics of Ninja Scissors in days. The DRAGON scissor, as always, is also projected to be included in the top charts of this year's hairdressing scissors sales globally.

SAI scissor

Class and simplicity, two terms that are perfect to describe SAI scissors. With a forged 440C Japanese stainless steel, the SAI scissor performs exceptionally well for all hair types. The removable finger rest is a massive advantage in the overall design.

DIAMOND thinner

According to experts, the bedazzlements included in the DIAMOND thinner handle are more than enough to ensure global sales. Everyone likes to add sparkle to their tools at the end.

MUSASHI thinner

The thinner has a pretty specific curved tooth appearance. The MUSASHI thinner generates a cut ratio of 25-30% with every single swing of the wrist.

CROCODILE T30 thinner

The T30 is a beast on its own. Being the upgraded T7 and the T14, the T30 comes with a 30-tooth blade orientation to generate a 25-30% cut ratio. The thinner gives a more all-around performance.

GEISHA thinner

A thinner that is particularly popular among the hairdressing community. The designers back at Ninja Scissors were quite specific with the manufacture of GEISHA thinner, as clearly seen in its color scheme and design.

ASAHI scissor

According to experts, Ninja Scissors was the first-ever hairdressing shears manufacturer that dared to go with a curved hairdressing design. ASAHI was the first-ever curve scissor, perfect for generating clear and precise cuts.

DYNAMIC scissor

Only one thing that gives the DYNAMIC scissor a prominent edge over all other hairdressing shears, the legendary orbit swivel. The orbit swivel is a perfect choice if you want to relieve pressure off your thumb during long work hours.

COSMO scissor

The name of the shear already indicates the design theme behind it. Hand polished to get that starry silver look, and the COSMO scissor is truly one-of-a-kind hairdressing shear.

TACHI thinner

Last but not least, we got the ultimate thinner set manufactured by Ninja Scissors. The TACHI thinners have some exciting color schemes with a 40-tooth blade orientation. The thinners individually can generate a cut ratio of 20-25%.

This concludes the list of some great upcoming hairdressing shears that will take the world by storm. Also, one thing is sure so far. We can always expect the highest level of innovation from Ninja Scissors, no matter the era.

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