Top Hair Trends Of 2021- Top 7 Haircuts That Have Stolen The Spotlight

Top Hair Trends Of 2021- Top 7 Haircuts That Have Stolen The Spotlight

With the passing of 2020, the celebrities could be seen beaming with new haircuts and fantastic styles stealing hearts on their social media. While 70s bangs, 80s mullet, and 90s bob cuts are back in trend with some modern touches, other unconventional styles like buzz cuts and pixie hair are taking the limelight as well in 2021

We also witnessed more short-length haircuts than long ones, although many notable celebrities flaunted their stylish long haircuts to keep calm and haughty haircuts in fashion.

We know that the internet is brimming with ideas of different haircuts and styles. So, let's dig in and find out what haircuts are the hottest in 2021 that have stolen the spotlight and enlighten yourself with more cool styles to choose from for getting an eye-catching haircut.

1- Modern Diana haircut: 

So, first, on the list, we have the modern Diana look that has been robbing hearts on social media, making celebrities try this short haircut with a refreshing touch and novel style. The haircut is an amalgam of short bob and pixie cut, creating a new trendy style to try out in 2021.

2- Mullet:

Mullets are back, and celebs like Rihanna, Barbie Ferreira, and Zendaya are vibing with the haircut in their style. Rihanna gracefully pulls off a mullet with baby bangs that aren't easy to wear, whereas Barbie Ferreira's mullet has bangs and soft waves that give prominence to her face cut beautifully. The hair in Zendaya's mullet falls in a straight pattern without any bends or curls, giving a lot of texture to her mullet style.

3- Asymmetrical Bob:

Bob haircuts never really went out of fashion. They've been evolving with more creative and innovative haircut techniques to prove that they are here to stay forever. The asymmetrical bob is cut longer in the front on either both sides or one side only and shorter in length in the back. An asymmetrical bob cut is suitable for almost all face types, hair types, and hair textures. No wonder it's still so popular in 2021. This haircut also allows you to experiment with many hair colors that you can use to dye your hair in different ways for an edgier look.

4- 70s Bangs:

The curtain bangs will let you know that the 70s are back. This beautiful fringe style cut with long hair requires low maintenance and makes you look drop-dead-gorgeous effortlessly as it naturally flows with the rest of the hair. Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Duff wear this look ideally, whereas Selena Gomez looks the coolest with a bolder version of the 70s bangs. 

5- The new pixie:

The new pixie haircut has to be one of the trendiest haircuts this year. Hairstylists are experimenting with many variations accomplished only in a pixie haircut. Celebs like Kaia Gerber, Selma Blair, and Zoe Kravitz pull off the new pixie haircut with a hot flare. This haircut is also considered low-maintenance and convenient with easy washing and drying. Meanwhile, it looks super edgy and hot, giving a bold vibe.

6- Rounded 'Fro

Rounded 'Fro haircut is the best for you if you have natural curls and want to style them with a fabulous cut. It is super popular among curly-haired women and gives a healthy and voluminous appearance to your hair.

7- One Length: 

The one-length haircut is simple yet beautiful. If you want to grow the length of your hair, then know that this haircut is the best choice to do so. The one-length haircut not only promotes hair growth but also gives you a sleek look. This haircut works perfectly with straight hair and looks good with both long and short-length hair.


You can easily choose a suitable haircut considering your face type, hair texture, and hair color, with many options available. If you love wavy hair, you could get the easy waves haircut, and if you want to make a bold hairstyle statement, you could go for a buzz cut or a big chop cut. We know you can outshine any celebrity if you get the right haircut, so go ahead and give it a try.
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