What are Japanese Hairdressing Scissors?

What are Japanese Hairdressing Scissors?

Japanese hairdressing scissors are popular among hairstylists and barbers' circles owing to innate uniqueness. The country historically famous for blacksmithing is now a well-known destination for scissor lovers. The finest barber-grade scissors are a coveted choice in the salon industry. The quality of Japanese hairdressing scissors is derived from the excellent steel of Japan. The finest quality Japanese steel is hand-forged and punched to bring out the salon's miracle products.

Japanese scissors are self-explanatory owing to their precise and sharp edges. The premium manufacturing quality adds extra goodness to the overall well-being of the scissor.

Japanese scissors are not region-specific, but these are now available all over the globe. The manufacturers either import steel from Japan or get the original end products from the burning furnaces there.

We have cherry-picked the three best Japanese hairdressing scissors and shares to make this blog more exciting and fruitful for the readers. Stay with us to know what these are!

Champion Japanese Hairdressing Pair of Scissors


Blade: Hamaguri 3D Convex Razor Edge | Material: Forged 440C Japanese Steel | Handle: Ergonomic Offset | Life Span: 20-25 years

Geisha was a beautiful Japanese girl who would serve the royal family once. This time, the Geisha is again in the limelight because of other good reasons.

Geisha Japanese hairdressing scissors rule the roost owing to the premium results in all the aspects. This pair of scissors is a perfect fit for any salon. The all-around cutting is bestowed thanks to Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel that is enveloped under the eye-popping patina of titanium finish.

The fine construction and beautiful crafting do not offset the quality impact. The quality of Geisha is evident by the proposed longevity of 20-25 years. The economics are incredibly high, designed considering the dainty temperament of Geisha from folklore.


  • The convex edges are razor sharp and fit for bunch cutting.
  • Ergonomic offset handles put minimal stress on the fingers.
  • The gem crystal set gives an extra sparkle to the onlookers.


  • None (champions do not have any faults).

Forerunner Japanese Hairdressing Pair of Scissors


Blade: Hamaguri 3D Convex Razor Edge | Material: Forged 440C Japanese Steel | Handle: Ergonomic Offset | Life Span: 20-25 years

The second-best Japanese scissors set available under the sun is Ergo. Ergo is essentially a good fit for mid-level cutting, but this variant got the moonshine owing to its value-added price bracket. The price is meager.

The second unique and exclusive aspect of this pair of scissors is its high portability, as it suits almost all stylists. The stylists love to perform with Ergo owing to its feather impact. Moreover, the actual weight hovers around 50-60 grams despite steel construction.

Overall, Ergo is a fine pair of scissors that can take on any other pair from the Haute Couture culture. The low price makes a difference.


  • The exclusive HRC 59 hardness is the epitome of ultimate durability and sharpness.
  • The ergonomic construction makes it a perfect fit for people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Ease of handling is an additional benefit.


  • Ergo could not manage to outpace Geisha. Alas! Lady luck.

Third Best Japanese Hairdressing Pair of Scissors


Blade: Hamaguri 3D Convex Razor Edge | Material: Forged 440C Japanese Steel | Handle: Ergonomic Offset | Life Span: 15-20 years

The third winner on the list is Dragon. Dragon is also a quality product, distinguishable from the crafty engravings on the tension wheel and handles. Crafted from premium quality steel on pure ergonomics lines, Dragon is a class on its own.

If you do not want to pick Geisha or Ergo due to some personal reasons, then Dragon is the one that could click the right cockle of your heart.


  • Dragon fits all types of wet or dry cutting.
  • The offset handle allows you to use the pair of scissors for a long time.
  • The simple design is sad to the core.


  • The design is also a bit too simple for aesthetics fans.
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