What kind of Scissors do Professional Hairdressers Use?

What kind of Scissors do Professional Hairdressers Use?

When we talk about professional hairdressing scissors, we talk about the scissors that professional hairdressers will use in real-life scenarios.

Hairdressing scissors manufacturers like Ninja Scissors and other popular brands ensure that 'professional' labeled hairdressing scissors are always up to the mark. After all, the performance of the shear is going to determine the reputation of the professional hairdresser.

We will ponder some aspects that you should keep in mind before selecting the best professional hairdressing scissor.

Based on Handle Design

The data we have gathered for each segment is based on the info we have got from the field's experts. And according to experts, handle design plays a vital role in determining whether this scissor will be used by a professional or not.

There are three basic types of handle designs commonly used by hairdressing scissors manufacturers. The first one is the 'classic design' where the handle has a flat level. This type of handle has minimal ergonomics included.

The second type of handle is the 'offset design.' The offset handle is known for its distinct offset handle to look where the bottom ring of the handle doesn't align with the top ring. This type of handle is suitable for ergonomics-based designs and offers exceptional pressure-relieving properties.

The third type of handle is the 'crane design.'

Among professional hairdressers, this is the most commonly recognized design due to its straight blade dynamics. The upper ring is also straight, while the bottom ring is angled to get a downwards orientation. Professionals use this handle to lower the bulk amount of pressure during long working hours.

Based on Cutting style

According to studies, no two hairdressers are going to have a similar haircutting style. That's why there's not a particular class of hairdressing scissors that multiple hairdressers can use with similar-looking cutting styles.

However, the best thing to do in such a case is to go with a scissor that fits perfectly within your working hand. Remember, you will work with your particular hair cutting style for the rest of your career, get a haircutting scissor you are comfortable with.

According to studies, the development of some severe types of joints and stroke-related disorders in hairdressers is caused by the scissor selection dynamics being very poor and not compatible.

Based on Blade Holding Style

Now, blade holding style is one of such factors that will affect your haircutting style and speed the most. According to professionals, haircutting a scissor blade affects the cutting style depending on how you hold the blade.

For 'blunt cutting,' the blade must be kept in a flat orientation to the client's neck. Also, you need to hold the scissor so that your hands aren't going to get in the way while cutting hair.

For 'deep point cutting,' the hands must be kept flat and straight to the client's neck. However, the only difference will be the position of the elbow. The elbow must be kept high enough so you can access all the deep point cutting areas throughout the hairline to get a more refined look.

And for 'precision cutting,' it doesn't matter how you place your hands or elbows. Quality of the edge of the scissor you are using matters. If the edges are sharp enough, you will get a super-refined precision-cut throughout the hairline.

Final Note

According to professionals, having the right tools in hairdressing is more important than having an ultra-level of refined skills. With the right tools and scissors, you can overcome any problematic task coming your way.

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