As we are all aware almost all of us have such different sized fingers, scissors are also made with such variation of sizes. So, another aspect of a stylist's scissors, which should be sized correctly are the finger rings. When designing scissors, we at Ninja Scissors hand pick the correct size finger insert's which we believe would serve the purpose and provide comfort whilst scissors are being used, we understand that not every stylist feels the need to use to the insert's that are provided with all our range, but it is good to know that each pair of ring inserts has been carefully chosen with comfort in mind.


For the stylist to get the right "fit" with their scissors, these finger ring inserts should:


1. Fit snugly inside the scissors finger rings so they do not pop out when the stylist pulls their fingers out of the rings.


2. Allow the stylist to comfortably slide their finger into and out of the ring comfortably


3. Not fit so tightly on the finger that the insert binds against the skin


These finger ring inserts should be enclosed with your new scissors. If the inserts provided to not allow the stylist to achieve the correct sizing, then the chances are that the inserts are not of the correct size.