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  • VG10 Japanese Super Cobalt Steel
  • Ninja Hamaguri Convex Razor Edge
  • Ergonomic Offset Handle
  • Precision Flat Adjustable Screw
  • Fixed Finger Rest
  • Screw in Bumper
  • Titanium

    Sleek and sharp, the Ninja Ghost will effortlessly glide through your client’s hair. A combination of the durable Japanese Hitachi VG10 Cobalt Steel (60 HRC +/-1) and the Ninja Hamaguri Convex Razor Edge makes this possible; it’s perfect for slide cutting, point cutting, and texturizing. Its handsome black exterior is a titanium coating that further protects the already corrosion resistant VG10 Cobalt Steel. Its handle is ergonomically designed with an offset handle and a fixed finger rest. The Ghost is so comfortable to hold that you won’t even realize it’s there.

    Ninja Ghost thinner is a handsome professional tool that is taking the thinning scissors into a new era. As you cut through the hair you will feel the precision cut, similar to what you would get from any Ninja thinner or texturizer, thanks to the intelligently engineered 30 teeth which removes approx 20-25% of hair under standard cutting motions but this can be increased if more cutting pressure is applied by your hand. Creates natural texture great for breaking up static shapes to get lift and movement. Forged from premium VG10 Cobalt and finished in high-grade black titanium shell for lasting sharpness and durability. Give your hands a rest and let the Ghost thinner do the work, with its ergonomic offset handle and lightweight design it sits so perfectly in your hand that the blades feel like an extension of your body.

What's Included?

  • Ninja Lifetime Warranty card
  • Ninja Kunai Texture Razor
  • Ninja Shuriken Texture Razor Blades
  • Ninja Chamois Cloth
  • Ninja Scissor Oil
  • Ninja Tension Adjuster
  • Ninja Luxury Scissor Case

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