• Handcrafted

    A great artist needs the right tools. To allow you to explore your creativity, we have created a selected range of scissors designed specially to cover your needs without putting boundaries to your inspiration. The scissors in our range are the result of constant product innovation and many years of experience. Our mission is to give every hairdresser the freedom to perfect their creations by providing the best comfort. Pain in the wrists while cutting, thinning or texturing is a thing of the past. Allow yourself the pleasure to be seduced by our smooth cutting scissors and put no limits to your imagination.

    Top Hairstyling Tools for 2021

    Top Hairstyling Tools for 2021

    The year 2021 was full of hope and surprises. As the world gradually began to come out of the restrictions of the pandemic, businesses are finally starting to bloom once again, especially if we talk about the hairstyling industry that has been affected most by the pandemic and...

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    How often should you sharpen your shears?

    How often should you sharpen your shears?

    Your shears make or break the game of giving a haircut, and if you are overlooking the importance of their maintenance, you are not fully utilizing the potential they have to offer. 

    Notably, the original sharpness and edge of your shear are the best they...

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    Should you buy scissors online? Five reasons to buy them from Ninja Scissors

    Should you buy scissors online? Five reasons to buy them from Ninja Scissors

    To a hairstylist, hairdressing scissors are a precious piece of treasure they must cherish. While buying a new pair demands a high level of scrutiny, professional hairdressers and barbers ensure they get a good deal. Now, the question of buying scissors online is the right thing to...

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    Inspired by the ancient Japanese Samurai Swords, we at Ninja Scissors aim to provide premium quality hair scissors & shears with our Hamaguri technology to ensure the super sharp blades, because Sharp Matters.

    The finest Hairdressing Scissors available

    At Ninja scissors, we always ensure that all of our scissors are forged from the Premium quality Japanese Steel, are handcrafted by our experts so that you can get the best hairdressing scissors and shears

    As the ancient warrior clan's direct descendants, we at Ninja scissors have designed some master thinners, texturizers, and scissors for the absolute expert hairstylists & barbers for the' maximum wrist support along with compatibility and perfect output.

    What makes Ninja Scissors ‘The Best’?

    Well, the answer is simple, premium quality tools and excellent customer support. Our master craftsmen and experts at Ninja scissors have designed each one of our products with only one purpose in mind, to design hairdressers & barbers worldwide by providing the premium quality tools so they can unleash their creativity.

    Handcrafted From Finest Japanese Steel

    In Japanese tradition, handcrafting is the ultimate and purest form of art. With our premium hand-crafted Japanese scissors, we always try to pay tribute to your dedication and efforts towards your skills as a master stylist.

    This gives us the spirit to do better and equip you with only the best Ninja Scissor & Texturizers. Our products provide you the best haircutting hairdressing experience and result with firm control and perfection.

    All you need to become the next new sensational stylist in the town, all ready to show some hair magic with their sharp scissors and shears

    Our wide range of Ninja hair styling scissors and accessories

    Handmade from Premium Japanese Steel & Cobalt, CAD designs, Classic & Offset ergonomic handle, Hamaguri Convex blades with a hardness rating of 59-62, precision flat adjustable screws, how else can you define perfection when talking about the best hairdressing scissors available in the market!?

    Top-notch Scissors sharpening service!

    For a warrior, his blade is the only thing that will take him to glory. Our bladesmiths at Ninja scissors are all trained in the ancient Japanese art of blade sharpening, ready to bring back that former glory to your salon texturizing and thinning scissors.

    Moreover, we provide international scissors sharpening services too! Take a look at our services to know more.

    Why choose us?

    At Ninja scissors, we believe in innovation. Our team of experts are also based on some remarkable hairdressers and barbers, all set to provide their special expertise and an insider’s look whenever we design or launch a product.

    Got clients with bulky or thick hairs? Well, no need to worry! We at Ninja scissors have introduced a diverse range of thinning scissors just for this problem you face today. All you need to do is showcase your talent next time, and voila! You’ll be their new favorite hairdresser.

    From our diverse range of thinners and texturizers, you’re now all ready to go through and pick your favorite Ninja scissors set or accessories. Remember, great things happen to those who dream of becoming great. Order now, and start your journey towards a more successful hairdressing and barber carrier now!