Tips To Buy Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Tips To Buy Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. You can ask any hairstylist in the world, and they will tell you about innumerable mistakes they have made. Sometimes they make mistakes while coloring customers' hair, encounter issues while cutting the hair, and many more. But the hair of the clients grows back. Isn't it? 

The most common mistake the hairstylists make is buying the wrong pair of haircutting scissors. But you need not worry anymore. 

We are here to enlighten you with the significant tips for buying professional haircutting scissors. You should always go for the barber shears that are made with the highest quality steel, have an ergonomic design, and provide comfort to you. Let's know more about it in detail. 

Choosing The Best Hairdressing Scissors

You need to keep your personal preferences in mind for making a purchase of professional hairdressing scissors. Let's take a glance at the factors to look for.

Considering The Scissor Parts

You need to consider the following parts of the scissors before going to buy one – 

The Handle – Scissors are the equipment that reflects your style in hairdressing the hair of the customer. This is the reason that the handle of the scissor holds utmost importance in it. See whether you are feeling comfortable while holding the scissors or not. If you are the one who holds the scissor with the middle finger, go for the scissor with a straight handle. But here is the catch: this style was popular years ago but is not much popular now. The reason is that it may cause health or safety problems when you hold it for longer periods of time. 

You can opt for the offset handle for a more comfortable position. Yet another option is the crane handle that allows you to drop your elbows to raise the comfort factor. If you are in the habit of moving your thumbs in different positions, you can consider using swivel scissors which include a rotating thumb ring to provide flexibility and bear all your hand movements. 

Hairstylists nowadays are choosing offset, crane, or swivel handles to steer clear of the injuries. They use straight handles only for selective cuts. 

Length of scissors – The strength of your hands determines the length of the scissor. The length of the scissors varies between 4.5 inches to 8 inches. You can have an idea of the length of the scissors with this technique: Measure the length of the blade against your middle finger and the distance of the whole scissors against your palms to check they are of similar size. Note that shorter scissors are lighter to hold and easy to control in comparison to the longer pairs. Generally, female hairstylists tend to use 5.5-6 inches pairs of scissors, while men prefer using 6-inch or larger options. 

Steel quality – Consider the quality of steel when you are using the scissors for professional purposes. You need to ensure that the scissor is made of high-grade steel like premium quality Japanese steel so that you can achieve maximum wrist support and the desired results. 


Customer Support Availability

Research thoroughly about the company from where you are going to buy the scissors. The company should provide you with good services not only before the purchase but also after the purchase. Always buy from a reliable company that will help you in case you need any help with their services or any claim. 


Return Policy And Warranty

Buying a good pair of scissors is no less than a great investment. Once you buy the scissors, whether online or offline, you should have the opportunity to return them and take their advice on the pair of scissors that may work well for you. Go through the return policy of the company before buying the scissors to check whether you can return them after purchase or not because mistakes happen, right? Some brands of haircutting scissors, sword scissors, and shears offer a few years of warranty, while others offer a warranty for a lifetime. 


Professional Scissors You Can Buy.

  • Cutting scissors – Cutting scissors are used for making straight cuts. Two types of haircutting scissors include convex blade and bevel edge. Convex blade provides more precision, while bevel edge scissors include a fine bevel made into blades for easy cutting. 
  • Blending texturizing shears – Blending scissors are apt to refrain you from cutting the hair too much and offer more control, especially for customers with fine hair. 
  • Wide-tooth thinning scissors – If you encounter a client with thick or coarse hair and want to cut their larger chunks of hair, using wide tooth thinning scissors is the answer. They make it easy to complete the cutting task quickly. 

To Sum It Up

It is necessary to have the right equipment to fuel your creativity. So, buy the right pair of hairdressing scissors to achieve the smooth cutting and desired results to satisfy your customers with stylish hair.

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