Scissor Guide

The size of scissors is usually indicated in inches. The short ones are 4.5 inches, and longer scissors are up to about 8 inches. Size is selected depending on the cut techniques.
Shorter scissors are more suitable for detailed work, and longer scissors are more suitable for powerful work. Cutting accurately in a straight line is the basic of the blunt cut and, therefore, the 5.5 inch size is the mainstream. However longer size tends to be appreciated due to the greater power and different hair characteristics. The characteristics of long scissors enable efficient work because more hair can be cut at one time, and a higher flexibility can be achieved depending on the method of use.
Japanese Stainless Steel
Japanese stainless steel scissors are hard wearing materials perfect for salon use as their metal composition protects them from corrosion. There are numerous types of stainless steel alloys, but we choose to use the finest Japanese 440C. Japanese Steel 440C is hard, durable material and doesn’t contain any nickel which makes it perfect for those who suffer from nickel allergy.
Cobalt Steel
A type of steel which contains high levels of hard metals such as molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt. In terms of scissors manufacture "hardness" translates as sharpness and durability. Cobalt alloys are also lighter than normal stainless steel alloys making them the perfect material for scissors. At Ninja, we use the finest Japanese cobalt’s that include ATS314 and VG10.
Damascus Steel
A very rare type of steel made by the repeated layering and folding of two types of steel with opposing properties; one hard and one soft. The eventual result of this painstaking forging process is a beautiful steel billet with visible marbled lines running through the internal structure of the metal. These multiple layers of steel help to absorb the vibration caused when closing the scissors creating an extremely soft cutting sensation.

The Straight handle design is widely appreciated as the basic style of hairdressing scissors, Straight design makes it possible to use both sides of the scissors or to change the way the scissors are held for a greater degree of freedom.
The two shanks are different lengths. The thumb side is shorter allowing your thumb to sit in its natural position and relieve stress in your wrist and shoulders.
All Ninja Scissors feature Hamaguri convex blades that are the sharpest type of blade with a razor like edge. Convex-edged scissors are hollow ground on the inside of the blade which gives a very smooth cutting action.
Adjustable Precision Flat Screw
This is an ultra-light screw system with little looseness, because this screw system is flat it does not hinder the comb when cutting and is easily adjustable.
Adjustable Ball Bearing System 
The ball bearing screw system features a smooth opening/closing operation, maintenance free, lightweight adjustable screw system. 
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