15 Best Hairdressing Scissors to Buy in 2022

15 Best Hairdressing Scissors to Buy in 2022

As a hairdresser with such a remarkable reputation, you are going to need some fantastic sets of scissors and shears. Have you got any brand in mind that can offer such excellent quality tools? Well, we can help you pick the best tools you can get at a fantastic price tag.

Ninja Scissors has been manufacturing exceptional level hairdressing scissors and shears for more than a decade now. The company claims that they have mastered the ancient Japanese art of blade manufacturing. Well, let’s take a look at some of their top-notch products to see whether their claim is valid or not.

SAI Scissor

Hamaguri convex razor edge, forged 440C Japanese stainless-steel blade, and an ergonomic offset handle. The SAI hairdressing scissor may have a simple-looking overall design, but this scissor is a true beast in function and performance.

MINI Scissor

As the name of the scissor is already telling a lot about the scissor, you already got the idea that the MINI has got something to do with the size of the scissor. Compared to standard-sized scissors, the MINI scissor is more petite, but the VG10 Japanese super cobalt steel blade overcomes the size depreciation through performance.

EVOQUE Scissor

Style and grace at its absolute class. The Evoque scissor is indeed the true epitome of what ancient refined Japanese blades looked like. The primary reason the steel used to manufacture the blade in EVOQUE is Hitachi Premium ATS314 Japanese cobalt. Plus, a ball bearing adjustable screw gives a more refined look to this fantastic hairdressing scissor.

GEISHA Thinner

A thinner is explicitly designed for the hairdressers that prefer to add some color combination in their hairdressing kit. The GEISHA thinner comes with a purple-colored appearance with an engraved ergonomic offset handle and a 30-tooth blade. The steel used in manufacturing the edge is the same Ninja Scissors signature 440C Japanese Stainless steel.

Dynamic Scissor

Oh, you can’t imagine the craze among hairdressers when it comes to the Ninja Scissors signature ‘Dynamic’ scissor. As a hairdresser, there’s a very bright chance that you will also become a fan of the thumb orbit swivel of ‘Dynamic’ scissors. Plus, the ball bearing adjustable screw is indeed something adding to the value of the scissor.

KABUKI Thinner

The KABUKI is all about calm and prestige. You can notice this thing even from the design of the KABUKI thinner. A VG10 Japanese super cobalt steel-made blade offering a 20-25% cut ratio, the KABUKI thinner is a perfect choice for dealing with frenzy hair types.

CHOPPER Texturizer

You might be surprised, but Ninja Scissors manufacture texturizers as well with surprisingly fantastic performance. The CHOPPER texturizer, in particular, comes with a 19-tooth blade orientation which gives a solid cut ratio of around 60-70%. Plus, the classic straight handle is undoubtedly an amazing addition.


The BARBER KING thinner is included within the Ninja Scissor BARBER KING hairdressing tool kit. Made from Japanese Hitachi ATS 314 cobalt steel, the 50-tooth blade is an excellent thinner choice for more dense hair types. The thinner also includes a precision flat adjustable screw that adjusts the edge according to the required tension input.


No matter how amazingly well-crafted the design Ninja Scissors manufacture, the spot for the CLASSIC scissor set will always remain intact among hairdressers. The CLASSIC scissor is all about the traditional hairdressing scissors that pop up in our minds. A Hamaguri convex razor edge blade made from the VG10 Japanese super cobalt steel, the classic straight handle, and removable finger rest. The three primary components that give the CLASSIC scissor its look.


Do you know what the best thing about Ninja Scissors is? These guys never stop surprising us with newer and better scissors and shears designs. They did the same thing in the case of ROSE GOLD DUST hairdressing scissors. Containing all the signature traits of the CLASSIC scissors, the ROSE GOLD DUST comes with a rose gold colored finish and a forger 440C Japanese stainless-steel blade.

SLIM Scissor

The most compact Ninja Scissor hairdressing scissor is finally here. As the name already indicates, the SLIM hairdressing scissor is known for its slim Hamaguri convex razor edge blade with a super high precision ratio. The finger rest included in the SLIM scissor is also removable, offering a lifespan of 20-25 years.


According to Ninja Scissors, the HAKUSHI scissor is all about paying tribute to the centuries-old Japanese blade manufacturing techniques. That’s why you can easily distinguish HAKUSHI from other scissors for its more elaborated and 3D-looking blade design. The steel used to manufacture such a blade is the VG10 Japanese super cobalt, known for its strength and durability.


Considering the popularity of‘ CROCODILE Scissor’ was able to bag globally, Ninja Scissors decided that it was finally the time to widen the CROCODILE themed shears set. With a 6 inches long and 30 teeth thinner blade, the CROCODILE thinner can quickly generate a 25-30% cut ratio even when dealing with the thickest hair types.

COSMO Scissor

In Japanese traditions, the cosmos and celestial bodies play a vital role in the events of fortune. So, you can say that the COSMO scissor is an effort made by Ninja Scissor to get good luck. But this doesn’t mean that the COSMO has lower performance dynamics than the rest. The scissor offers a permanent finger rest backed up by an ergonomic offset handle relieving all the pressure off your fingers.

SHOGUN Scissor

In ancient Japan, the term ‘SHOGUN’ meant a warrior in chief that genuinely held the power of ruling the country in his hand. The same idea was kept in mind by Ninja Scissors while designing the SHOGUN scissor. Forged 440C Japanese stainless steel, Hamaguri convex razor edge, a permanent finger rest, and an ergonomic offset handle. SHOGUN is all about precision and class.

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