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Different Type Of Cutting Scissors That You Need To Get For A Stylish Hairstyle

You cannot deny that you need various tools for different purposes. In the same way, you also require different pairs of hair-cutting shears as per the haircut. So, it is advisable to use the best hair cutting shears to work with professionalism. Every hairdressing tool is different as they are designed with different materials and features. 


Let’s know more about haircutting scissors and styles. 


Scissor-over-comb – If you are the one who uses the technique of scissor-over-comb for most hairstyles, then it is advisable to use long hairdressing scissors. It works excellent for a long layered haircut as the length is suitable for basic trimming. Any scissors having a length of 6 inches or more goes well along with this technique. Reputable brands like Ninja Scissors sell long blades that are enough to give you a look you want. 


Understanding texturing and thinning – A lot of clients having thick and coarse hair ask you to texturise their hair or make them thin. Using a normal hair tool to cut voluminous hair is a big no. This is where the professional barber shears come in. Thinner scissors have teeth/notches on one side and a smooth blade on the other side. These scissors ensure that your hair won’t experience much damage as compared to using razors while thinning out the hair. Ninja Scissors have a variety of thinning and texturising scissors to choose from that will surely give you a clean and the desired look, all thanks to its premium-grade steel quality. 


Let’s Move Towards Intricate Styles.

Complex and intricate hairstyles require more precision and detail. You can’t just work with the small scissors and expect the desired results. If you are buying small scissors, see that it has 4.5-5.5 inches in size as you can work with more accuracy through them. You can check our website for more small hairdressing scissors and the ones that provide more control over the haircuts. 


Straight-line cutting – Blunt haircuts require your fingers to be steady. Go for the pair of scissors that include an angled handle area and short handles for precision and control. Offset scissors are believed to be super stylish and hence prove great for straight-line cutting. 


Point cutting – If somebody wants to get the point cutting, a straight-set of scissors is the right choice. It comes with thumb rings having the alignment on top of each other. It makes it easy to thin out the excess hair and blend the layers in. 


Want To Know More About Hairdressing Scissors? Here Are Some Popular Choices Of Scissors Shapes. 


Before going forward, you need to keep a few things in mind. Whenever you choose the scissors, make sure you find yourself comfortable holding them. It should fit your hand perfectly. Otherwise, your hands might feel pain, and you will not be able to concentrate on your client's hair. Thus, handling the scissors in a convenient way is very important. 


Coming Back To The Scissor Shapes 


Classic Handle – Classic scissor-type is also known as straight. In classic scissors, the upper and lower blades are of the same shape, and the handle has a flat level. The rings of the scissors line up precisely with each other. You can use straight scissors with completely vertical blades for deep point cutting. 


Offset Handle– Having slightly angled handles, offset scissors include a short handle shank and a thumb ring. There is no alignment between the top and bottom rings. What is the reason for the popularity of offset-shaped scissors? They are more ergonomic in comparison to other options, and individuals find it more comfortable holding them. These scissors give the opportunity to the hairstylist or the barber to adjust their hand movements more freely. It is true, especially for the ones who are used to holding the scissors with their ring finger. It is advisable to use offset scissors for blunt, straight line, and vertical cutting. 


Crane Handle – Some people are of the notion that crane scissors are an extended version of the offset ones. Having a completely straight blade, crane shears include a handle shank with a thumb ring that is angled downwards. It also helps reduce fatigue while cutting the hair of the clients. 


To sum it up!

There is no doubt that mastering any haircut is not easier. But it becomes effective and less challenging if you invest in high-quality hair cutting equipment. Keeping this in mind, Ninja Scissors has come up with ample hairdressing tools. You can browse different kinds of thinners, texturisers, sharpening accessories, and more from our store. We have designed our products in such a way that will surely satisfy the needs of your most demanding customers. All in all, it will take the hairstyling experience of your clients a notch higher. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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