The Best Hairdressing Scissors For Cutting Your Hair At Home

The Best Hairdressing Scissors For Cutting Your Hair At Home

The pandemic has taught us many things so far. Of course, it was a time that wasn't easy on all of us. But for the disciplined ones, the COVID-19 restrictions opened the doors of learning new skills. One of such excellent skills is cutting your hair yourself. You can cut the hair of your family members if you have got enough confidence in your skill.

Social media is loaded with people cutting their hair or their children's hair while enjoying their spare time within their homes. Keeping the rising interest of people in mind towards this field, Ninja Scissors have manufactured some special scissors and thinners that you can use to cut your hair at home.

ERGO Scissor

Ergo is all about maintaining the usual class and design that is associated with hairdressing scissors. It's simple-looking design is the main reason why most stay-at-home people prefer using it.

Don't worry about the durability of the blade. The ERGO scissor Hamaguri convex razor edge is made up of 440C forged Japanese stainless steel. Yes, the blade has enough power in it to withstand falling from top shelves or getting crushed by counter items.

KABUKI Thinner

If you have boys back at home, you simply are going to love this thinner. As a parent, you already know how much young boys hate to cut their hair. They believe that it will take away their coolness or something like that. But obviously, you can't leave their bangs covering their eyes and forehead.

In this case, using a traditional hairdressing scissor is not going to be the best option. Instead, try switching to the KABUKI thinner. The 30 tooth KABUKI blade offers a cut ratio of around 20-25%, giving the hair a more 'blended' look.

VENOM Scissor

This one is especially for those who love MARVEL action movies and the character VENOM in particular. The scissor's complete design and color scheme are inspired by VENOM, which gives these scissors a prominent look.

The steel used to manufacture the Hamaguri 3D convex razor edge blade of VENOM is the Ninja Scissor signature forged 440C Japanese stainless steel. Plus, the best part about the VENOM is its permanent finger rest. The finger rest will allow you to keep a firm grip over the handle and relieve the pressure off.

GEISHA Thinner

According to Ninja Scissors, the GEISHA thinner is easily included in their top 3 all-time best-selling thinners. And surprisingly, the majority of customers that bought these thinners were the ones that were willing to use these in their homes. This data was extracted by using a credible survey.

The GEISHA blades come with a 30-tooth orientation that offers a cut ratio of 25-30%. If you specifically use these thinners for young girls, you will surely appreciate its pink-colored design with an etched handle. The ergonomic handle is also of a straight dynamic for better grip.

SAI Scissor

This scissor was particularly added to this list for its exceptional hair-cutting performance. When cutting your hair at home or even your children's hair at home, you will prefer a scissor that will finish off its work fast.

Features like the Hamaguri convex razor edge blade and the forged 440C Japanese steel are also included in the SAI scissor. But the absolute rockstar is the precision flat adjustable screw that allows you to manually adjust the tension levels of the blade up to a great extent.

Diamond Thinner

Last but not least, the diamond thinner is easy, on the whole, another level among Ninja Scissor thinners. First, there's a solid chance that you will be impressed by the mere diamond-based design. It indeed has the power of gaining attention.

The second and fundamental feature that makes the Diamond thinner unique is its ability to generate a 25-30% cut ratio even with a 40-tooth blade. The steel used in manufacturing the edge is the VG10 super cobalt Japanese steel known for its durability and strength. The added permanent finger rest is also there to support your finger joints and relieve excessive pressure.

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