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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Hairdressing Scissors

When the pandemic locked us in our homes, we opened up many new yet fantastic doors. With professional hair scissors set, you got everything at your fingertips, from slight trims to cutting long locks of hair. Although success on the first try was unsure after a few hits and trials, you must have gotten hold of it by now. But you all may agree that a haircut at home is a slippery slope for a beginner. Many of you might be looking to know about that one correct approach to cut your lousy loops in the right way. 

A Simple Twist And Cut

At home, you should follow advice from professionals and avoid artistic cuts as you may ruin the shape of your hair. But, a fresh style and trim with a simple twist and slice approach are a must-go. Section your dry hair in parts of one inch, twist, and snip. At first, start with small amounts to better understand the technique. In case you want to lose more length, repeat the process. Please make sure they are dry for cutting bangs and follow the same point and snip method. Now let's look at various scissors available in the hairdressing market.

Different Types Of Hairdressing Scissors 

Haircutting is an art, and every scissor is like a paintbrush. For first-time buyers deciding on a good pair of scissors can be tricky with many available tools. So, here's our little list to help you find the right hairdressing tool for your kit:

Short-bladed Scissors For Cutting

Whenever you are out buying hairdressing scissors, always consider the length of the blades. For instance, scissors with short blades are lightweight and easy to control even with smaller hands. Also, it will be a perfect tool for slicing and detailing haircuts.

Long-bladed Barbering Scissors

Long-bladed scissors ensure fine finishes and avoids crooked haircuts. Using 6-7 inches blades in scissors will help in blunt-cutting techniques.

Wide-tooth Scissors For Thinning

Thinning scissors are designed for thinning out large chunks of hair in one go. These scissors have a small number of teeth and save your time on thick hair by easing out the process of haircutting.

Texturizing Scissors

A good haircut is nothing without texturing. A texture adds volume and natural flow to your hair. Thus, a texturing scissor is a must-have in your hairdressing kit. It has more teeth for thinning out hair without cutting out too much hair at once. 

Swivel Scissors

Haircut involves a lot of effort from hairstylists and hairstyling tools. It is essential to keep a pair of scissors to put less pressure on your hands for a fine cut. Swivel scissors come with a rotatable thumb ring to offer flexibility to your hands by allowing natural movements of hands. It provides a more comfortable experience and reduces pain.

Points To Consider While Buying Scissors

After knowing a little about the different types of scissors available in the market, it is time to understand the determinants you must consider when choosing haircutting scissors. Below are some of the most points:


Every haircut puts a lot of pressure on your hands and shoulders. So, comfort is one thing you must consider while buying a pair of scissors. It is more critical for a hairdresser involved in continuous hand movements. So, pick scissors with a comfortable grip to lessen the tension on your hands.


You can be a hairdresser who likes swaying in a comfortable style. Technology has an advanced buildup of scissors providing a comfortable grip and a variety of sleek finishes to suit your personality. You can choose any stylish scissors from rose gold to matte black. The choice is all yours.


Longevity is a crucial element to consider to ensure you do not have to shell more money into buying scissors every other weekend. For better longevity, look for the kind of steel because this will determine the durability of your tool. Professionals mostly prefer scissors made with Japanese and german steel as investing money in these scissors will last for a long time if given proper care. 

Left-Handed or Right-Handed

A beginner may ignore this factor; however, a regular pair of scissors will make a job difficult for a left-handed hairstylist. Designing left-handed scissors is to provide the best control for a precise haircut. These scissors come with reversed blades technology to have a better hold.

Why Should You Take Proper Care of Your Scissors?

A hairstylist may have all the skills, but no skill will play the same magic on your hair without a good instrument. Therefore, handling scissors with care is very important for a hairstylist to keep creating dream hairstyles for you. When scissors are dull, stiff, and sticky, their pace will slow down, and you can’t give an excellent finishing to hair. Moreover, stiffness in scissors will make your fingers extra tired. Hence, taking proper care of scissors will help you maintain the appropriate quality of your scissors. A simple suggestion for cleaning hairdressing scissors can be using an alcohol-soaked cloth to clean your scissors after each use.


All points are necessary, from buying the right scissor to taking proper care. The right pair of scissors will make your hands flow consistently. For DIY-home stylists, it may be acceptable as you do not have to worry about your scissors' precision, but for a hairstylist, it may end his hairstyling career. Still, buying better quality scissors will save you time and money as they will stay in better condition for a long time. And, if you're looking for scissors, please check our website for quality scissors.

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