Best Left Handed Shears

Best Left Handed Shears

In the hair salon business, you’d see that most of the hairdressers are right-handed. But, what about the fraction of those left-handed hairstylists who need specially engineered scissors to cut hair? Because there are less than 10% of left-handed hairdressers available, the manufacturers of the hair tools produce a limited number of scissors for left-handed female hairstylists. 

However, we can help you find the best left-handed shears for hair cutting. Let’s see how you can differentiate left-handed shears from right-handed scissors.

Size of the scissors: 

The size of the hair scissors for right-handed and left-handed haircutters varies due to the difference in the angles between the two hands. Therefore, if you are a lefty, you might want to consider the size of the scissor to ensure you are getting a pair designed for your needs. 

The prevalent sizes for lefties (female) are: 

  • 5.25" inch shears
  • 5.5" inch shears
  • 5.75" inch shears
  • 6.0" inch shears

How to make sure the scissors are left-handed? 

When it comes to cutting hair, hair stylists put their hands to work. Not having the right size of scissors can cause fatigue and pain in the wrists. Also, it interferes with the haircutter’s cutting style. Therefore, you must ensure that the scissors you are buying are made for left-handed hairdressers. 

Hairdressing scissors for left-handed stylists look similar to right-handed shears; that’s why to ensure that the ones you want to buy are for lefties; follow these few easy steps. 

  • Hold the scissors in a regular cutting position in front of your body 
  • Focus on the thumb blade when you open and close the scissors 
  • If the blade controlled by your thumb is the back-most blade, you are using a correct left-handed shear. 
  • So, make sure that the thumb blade is the back-most blade while choosing a shear. 

Let’s see what steps you can follow to determine the perfect size of the shears. 

  • Take the pair of your old hairdressing scissors or get a ruler 
  • Stretch your left hand and place the ruler or the pair of scissors on your palm 
  • Measure the total size of the scissors or ruler against the palm of your hand 
  • Place the tip of the ruler or the blade on the edge of your middle finger 
  • Measure the ruler or cutter against your middle finger 

Tip: If you still can’t get the correct size, go for 5.5 inches or 5.75 inches as hairdressers commonly use both these scissors sizes. 

Let’s move on to our list of the best left-handed hair-cutting scissors.

Best left-handed shears

Jowell LC left-handed scissors 

Jowell LC hair cutting scissors are manufactured in Northern Japan. These specially designed sharp blade scissors for left-handed females stand out due to their offset ergonomics and well-balanced design. 

If you want to buy a lightweight pair of scissors that feels comfortable and relaxing to the wrists, choosing Jowell shears would surely be a good choice. 

Ninja Dragon Left Hand Scissors / Shears

The Ninja Dragon may look delicate with its artful engravings on its handles and tension wheel, but it has extremely sharp blades that make it great all-purpose tool. It is made of high-grade 440C Japanese Stainless Steel, giving it resistance to corrosion and the ability to hold its edge longer than other lower-grade steel. The Dragon’s blades have a Hamaguri Convex Razor Edge fit for all types of wet and dry cutting techniques that professional stylists use. It also has an Offset Handle, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Jaguar left-handed scissors: 

Germany produces Jaguar scissors for left-handed female hairdressers. With sharp micro-serrated blades and a refined satin finish, you’d find these shears comfortable and easy to use. 

The high-grade chromium steel and overall well-balanced design allow professionals to put their trust in the cutting power of these ergonomic scissors. Also, the lightweight structure helps you go on with the cutting all day smoothly.

Yasaka left-handed scissors: 

Yasaka manufactures high-grade left-handed scissors in Japan. You’ll find the sharpest convex blades, hand tension, and super comfortable offset ergonomics in these scissors. 

With such a well-balanced design and lightweight model of these scissors, you can comfortably cut hairs all day. 

Mina Umi left-handed scissors: 

Mina Umi produces the best entry-level hairdressing scissors. Whether you are a new or a full-time professional, these scissors will provide the most remarkable cutting service. Also, home hairstylists can make full use of Mina Umi's left-handed scissors with confidence. 

With its all-rounder design, sharp flat-edge blade, lightweight and comfortable ergonomics, and thinning scissors with a 40% cutting ratio, you’d find these shears to be highly in-demand and affordable. 

KAMISORI Black Diamond left-handed scissors: 

Kamisori left-handed scissors are pretty popular among hairdressers. This pair of scissors provides lefty hairstylists with the ultimate comfort, durability, and sharpness. With the offset ergonomics and sharp convex edge blades, these scissors will help in slicing, point cutting, and blending. 

With the 30-35% thinning ratio and high-grade 440C steel, you can rely on these scissors for precise and long-lasting service. 

Mina Jay left-handed haircutting scissors 

Mina Jay is among fabulous brands for producing left-handed entry-level scissors. This pair of shears is equally perfect for both professionals and apprentices. 

With comfortable ergonomics and integration of excellent stainless steel, you’ll find these scissors perfect for any haircutting. 


As a left-handed hairdresser, you can find it very challenging to search for the perfect size and model suitable for your needs. However, comfort and styling technique comes when the tool you use fulfills your demands. Therefore, if you are a left-handed hairstylist, our list will help you big-time to find a good pair of scissors.

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