What is Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Called?

What is Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Called?

Professional domains differ from general ones. The same is the case in the salon industry, where professional hair cutting scissors possess different sobriquet, a bit strange for the general householders.

Suppose you are a newbie ready to plunge into the profession of hairdressing. You need to know the monikers and immediate characteristics of some of the leading professional hair-cutting scissors. This facilitating blog is jotted down to provide you with the nitty-gritty. Enjoy reading and garnishing knowledge.

Short-Bladed Cutting Scissors

Short-bladed cutting scissors are lightweight with shorthands. Hairstylists use these scissors for precise cutting. The small size, in turn, gives better control and reduces the fatigue on the hand or wrist. The cutters under the length bracket of 4.4-5.5 inches are considered short-bladed Cutting Scissors. Short-blade scissors should be used with a blend of longer variants. The exclusive usage gives bumps and spikes into the hair's natural flow.

Long-Bladed Barbering Scissors

This is the second most prominent genre in the barbering world. The hair trimming techniques such a scissor-over-the-comb require long-bladed scissors to cover more space. These scissors are also used to cut and eliminate the thick bunches with a few snips. The long-bladed barbering scissors also ensure that the cutting pattern is not crooked but even. Professionals typically use long-bladed scissors of 6-7 inches for straight or blunt cutting.

Wide-Tooth Thinner Scissors

Another professional cutting miracle is Wide-Tooth Thinner Scissors. This pair of scissors is considered a must-have for barbers' toolkit. These thinners are advanced for thinning out the extra chunks of hair. At the same time, the multiplying number of small teeth ensures a higher percentage of hair being cut down with every snip. This variant works amazingly on clients having coarse hair types. Barbers call it a super time saver!

Texturing or Blending Scissors

Texturing or blending scissors are part and parcel for inexperienced hair stylists. While thinning hair, there is always a danger of going overboard and cutting more than intended. To prevent the client's anger, the veteran recommends texturing scissors to the apprentices. Blending scissors may cut slowly but cut nicely with better control and precision.

Swivel Scissors

Swivel scissors belong to another professional category that cares for the hand health of hairstylists. This variant puts minimal stress on the hands and wrists. General scissors trap the thumb in a single position and make working conditions painful, especially for workers dedicated to extended hours. Swivel scissors have a rotating thumb ring, allowing better control and flexibility. Swivel scissors also accommodate the natural hand movements inadvertently. Haircutting truly becomes a fun activity with this professional-grade haircutter.

Ending Salon Jargons!

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